Thursday, April 07, 2011

If He Wins Does The Miz Get An Ambassadorship?

You know, sometimes we pay so little attention to what's going on around us that even we feel bad about it. We just found out Donald Trump is running for president! Who knew? Well, apparently everyone but us. Again, must rethink Bloody Mary's as a breakfast menu choice.

Actually, The Donald isn't "officially" running for president he just says he's thinking about it so he can get on all the cool tee vee shows.
Trump told NBC News in an interview that plans to decide by June whether to run. He said that if he's nominated, "I'd like to beat him straight up," not on the basis of the birth issue.
"The birth issue?" That's all you got? Donny boy, come on, "the birth issue" is so 2008. It's Sharia Law man! Terrorist anchor babies! What kind of a president can we expect you to be if your policies can't keep up with the needs of the nation?
Asked in an interview broadcast on the "Today" show how genuine his presidential ambition is, Trump said, "I always take things seriously, but I've never taken it seriously like this."
Can't argue with you there Mr. Trump sir. Anybody who owns the Miss USA pageant and World Wrestling Entertainment has got to be serious. About something. World hunger perhaps?
"I wish I didn't have to do it," he said.
Yeah, and our first thought was to agree with you, but then we pondered the possibilities. Picture this: Iowa. Republican primary candidate debate. On the stage, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain and Donald Trump. It would be the singularity of stupid! Can you imagine? It would be one of those "where were you when" moments, like the moon landing, or the miracle on ice. It would be something your grand-kids would ask you about. "Grandad? Where were you the day all the intelligence was sucked out of the universe?
He accused Obama of carrying out a confusing policy on the civil war in Libya, saying "nobody knows what's happening, and now it looks like (Libyan strongman Moammar) Gadhafi is going to beat the United States."
Well, that's understandable. Anyone running for president has to display a knowledge of world events and...wait Gadhafi is beating us? We thought he was fighting with rebels in his own country. See, it's like we said at the beginning of this post, we just don't pay enough attention. Has he invaded yet? Cause if he's invaded we should probably pack up some stuff, you know? What with him beating us and all.
"I'm only interested in Libya if we get the oil," Trump said.
Point taken, Mr. Donald. A regime that sponsors terrorism around the world can be ignored as long as your chauffeur can top off the tank of the Limo whenever you want to tour your properties.
Of Obama, he said, "I want him to do well. ... I love this country, but this country is going to hell. ... The world laughs at us. They won't be laughing if I'm elected president."
Might have a point there DT. We mean, Carrot Top is a real knee slapper of a guy, but if he was put in charge of a ballistic missile submarine, well that right there wouldn't be very funny.

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