Friday, December 04, 2009

Friday Hound Blogging

One of the things we've been looking forward to since the election is the return of efficient, effective government. We're sure we don't have to tell you that things got a little...erm...loose during the Bush administration when the primary consideration for any government position was could you quote the bible from memory and did you like war.

Well, no more. Say what you will about President Obama, he's at least bringing expertise and accountability back to government and that new attitude is trickling down to state and local levels. No where is that more apparent than in Tucson, where, as you may recall, overlord Joe Robinson (Wally's Veterinary School and Truck Driving Academy class of 1995) was injecting female greyhounds with steroids in direct violation of a city ordinance.

Now, when Kim Janes, who is responsible for enforcing the ordinance first heard about that, she was all like what. ever. But, it's a new day in Tucson, it's a new attitude and defying the will of the people will no longer be tolerated, right City Manager Enrique Serna?
More than a month after Dr. Joe Robinson defiantly admitted administering the drug, it's unclear what enforcement action has been taken by South Tucson, where the track is located.
Oh yeah baby! It's On! How you like us now Dr Joe? Bet it's not so much fun when the man gets all up in your grill and...wait. What?
According to Serna, the legalities aren't so clear-cut as they might seem. "I'm hearing all kinds of different things legally," he says. "I haven't even heard yet whether there's a position by (John) Munger from the track."
OK, now we're not lawyers or anything, but are you telling us the overlords get to tell you whether you can enforce a law or not? Isn't that sort of like asking a bank robber if stealing is illegal?

Local attorney John Munger, who represents Tucson Greyhound Park, is also a Republican gubernatorial candidate. He did not return phone calls from the Tucson Weekly seeking comment because he was out looking for President Obama's birth certificate. Nor were calls returned by Robinson or track manager Tom Taylor who had to work a double shift down at the Quickie Mart.

"But the quick of it is that we have been following up," Serna says. "If by 'following up' you mean doing nothing. I believe we are well on our way to getting something resolved here. If by 'something' you mean nothing."

Man. You guys need to be more like overlord Wayne Wrout. Now there's a guy who has the best interests of the units in mind. We mean, highest level of care and all that, right Mr. Wrout?
Scarsdale greyhound Not Mum's Choice has battled injury for most of his career, but will hope to put that behind him when he contests tonight's Ballarat Cup heats, 450m, at Morshead Park. Wrout, who said he was offered $40,000 for the dog unraced, said he frequently visited vets to diagnose an injury."He went undetected for about nine months with a broken wrist," Wrout said.
Yeah. Nine months with a broken wrist, because then it like, heals on its own, you know? Cheaper that way. But what did the vet say?
"We had him x-rayed a couple of times and it never showed up."
Really? A "couple of times" huh? Who did the X-rays, Joe Robinson?
But it wasn't until Wrout was directed to Des Fagan that the injury was noticed - the leading vet used his computer to zoom in on the affected area, which showed a crack in a metacarpal of the right front wrist.
Right. Probably should have been suspicious when the other X-rays were done with a flashlight and a piece of carbon paper, right Amber?

BB’s Backhoe AKA Amber is very friendly, outgoing, playful, and easygoing. She is affectionate. She will stand and lean against you for attention. She would love to be a lap dog. She is a Second Chance at Life Dog from the Coldwater Prison Program. Amber would do well in a working family home with well-mannered children, 5 and up. She is good with other dogs and would probably be fine as an only dog. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.

And if you 'd like to know more about the good work the Second Chance at Life program is doing for the dogs, and the prisoners, go here.


Anonymous said...

IM...we all thought we covered these jerks quite appropriately more than a month ago. Female Greyhounds growing a PENIS? Does this sound right to YOU?
If it sounds right to the vets at racetracks and the lawyers going for the votes, you guys have a HUGE surprise just waiting in the media.
And by the way, vets get their licenses tken away all the time. So do lawyers.

Anonymous said...

Enrique Serna says the "legalities aren't so clear"?
I thought legalities were very clear, particularly about drug abuse, animal abuse and steroid illegalties across the board.
Apparently, Enrique Serna has either trouble reading english, or is , like most people in the Racing Industry, merely a cheat.

Anonymous said...

Wayne Wrout is a "trainer"?
Anybody take a look at that guy's GUT?
Anybody ask what EDUCATION this fat assed PIG from the racing industry HAS?
These members of society are on course for money through TORTURE!
"Not Mum's Choice" having a brroken wrist for nine months? AND YET WAYNE WROUT IS A TRAINER!
All advocates trying to end these barbarian practices for sheer gluttony of the pocket and soul demand further investigations into WAYNE WROUT!
Oh yeah, sugar plum. Your days of starvation shall soon arrive. And mark our words, YOU shall be broken.

Anonymous said...

With the Republicans being into the NRA and all sorts of "ammo business", this politician better beware of all of the "copper hype".
These Southerners are incredibly backwards, ruthless and abusive and are shameless in their total disregard for Nations, including ours.
Extreme Right Wing Republicans hate Hollywood for a reason. Hollywood exposes them in no uncertain terms.
And perhaps, with a Greyhound Racing Industry movie, they may all be finally "disarmed".

Anonymous said...

When everything has already been said about illegal drugs, fraud, money laundering, bomb-making, and the list is endless, let's not forget where all of this points.
Everyone, everywhere, belongs to GLOBAL.
Even artists belong to GLOBAL!
Doesn't everyone find this incredibly telling?
When something GLOBAL, represents a Greyhound's life and story and outcome,what on earth IS GLOBAL?
Why haven ' t these questions all been asked?
Why aren't we demanding more?
It seems that only true investigative measures from true, and hardcore journalists will only supply the answers.
And perhaps only a Hollywood movie will put it all on the map.

Anonymous said...

Oh god...the "artists"?
Like Ron Hevener is an artist?
Like the fat , sleazy Republican crooks and bullshitting greedy Democrats, particularly in West Virginia and the South, are artists?
Like the the Diane Whiteleys (sp?) and the female vets all are artists?
What they all are are cons and GLOBAL, universally, attracts exactly that. And they are violent.
So, you want to talk artists, talk terrorism.
That's a special kind of "art".
And that art is just full of rage.