Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Hound Blogging

Hey, what's this? Green shoots in Massachusetts?

“Here in Massachusetts, we’ve really in much of our manufacturing made a transformation to true 21st century advanced manufacturing. Sixty percent of the more than 700 firms we talked with actually expected to add jobs between now and 2017,” Northeastern University political economist Barry Bluestone said.

Well, that's encouraging. Maybe we underestimated overlord Doug Pizzi spokesman for the industry group Protection of Working Animals and Handlers Especially the Handlers. After all, he was all about saving jobs and supporting the economy through the heartless exploitation of innocent mean continuing greyhound racing. Apparently he's having an impact. Good times are coming back to Raynham Taunton, no doubt thanks to Mr. Pizzi's hard work.

After more than 60 years of operation, the Raynham-Taunton Greyhound Park is now just seven weeks from closure, due to the upcoming statewide ban on dog racing.

See, that just goes to show you what a small group of dedicated individuals can do when they...wait a minute...what?

The inevitability of that shutdown was apparent in the mood at Wednesday’s public hearing, held by the state Racing Commission, on the track’s request for a slate of race dates for 2010. While the commission had until next Sunday to make a decision, commissioners didn’t bother waiting. They took a vote to dismiss the dog track’s application.

OK, let's recap. Raynham Taunton closes and the economy in Massachusetts gets better? Is that what you are saying?

Well, we're sure that's just a coincidence. We mean, look what's going on in Wisconsin where the Dairyland track is contributing to the good economic health of the state.

The last of Wisconsin's five greyhound race tracks is closing at the end of the year. The operators of Dairyland Greyhound Park in Kenosha said the track will end racing Dec. 31. Dairyland executive Roy Berger said the track has lost $17 million over the last seven years, including a $4 million deficit in 2009.

See, you take a thriving industry like unit racing and it can carry a state through tough economic times just like...umm, did you say closing? Man, that has got to devastate the state.

The national economic recession remains severe but the bottom is in sight and Wisconsin is expected to show recovery in employment and personal income starting in 2010, according to the quarterly Wisconsin Economic Outlook released today by the Department of Revenue.

OK look, just because the economies of two states begin to improve as soon as they shut down greyhound racing is no reason to jump to conclusions. We're sure there's a rational explanation. There are plenty of states with vibrant, flourishing economies and operating tracks. States, Arizona. Yeah, Arizona where greyhound racing means the state has been pretty much recession proof.

Phoenix Greyhound Park today announced it plans to close its live racing on December 19 as a result of the challenging economy and increased competition.

Rats. OK, let's have the rest of the bad news. Greyhound track closes, economy improves. Go ahead lay it on us.

The Arizona and national economies are going through a painful readjustment that will take awhile to complete, according to economists who spoke at an economic outlook forum sponsored by the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce.

Yeah, yeah, we've heard it all before. Track goes down, economy goes up. Look we still...wait, what did you say?

“It’s time to lower expectations,” said Elliott Pollack, an influential Scottsdale-based economist and chief executive of Elliott D. Pollack & Co. “The outlook is mediocre next year.”

Ha! Well, there you have it folks, proof positive that just because a state gets rid of greyhound racing doesn't mean its economy will improve. Right there in Arizona, track closes, economy still no better off.

Somebody call overlord Pizzi. He's probably feeling a little down about the whole thing, perhaps the news for Arizona will help him to avoid the realization that his life is basically a coffee stain on the universe for a while longer. Just tell him Arizona is still hurting even though their track closed.

Wait. We're sorry. What did you say Pilfer? Arizona isn't like Massachusetts and Wisconsin because there's still a track in Tucson? Oh. Well that explains the whole lowered expectations thing then, doesn't it?

Pilfer is affectionate and loving. He likes to kiss your ears and other dog’s ears and faces. He is starting to play with toys. He likes to collect his toys and will take them to his crate. He can be found in the cockroach position – on his back with his feet in the air. Pilfer would do well in a working family home with well-mannered children. He is good with other dogs and would probably be fine as an only dog. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.


Anonymous said...

God , I am so sick of this guy!
We sent you a SPELL!
Didn't you even GET IT!
What are you BLOWING OFF on STILL?
The "unconstitutional taking of property without due compensation"!
Oh Man. You are GOOD!
Like with the CHEESE and HERBS and RED HEAVY WINE!
We don't like YOU!
We don't like HEAVY , GREASY, FOOD!
And we certainly do NOT like GREYHOUND RACING!
If you have any further doubts, we will all gladly send those spells your way, once again.
To make it simple for the simple:

Anonymous said...

You know what is really horrible about all these "people" pretending to care for the employees and actually concerned for the Greyhounds? The ones that do all the "talking" are the ones making all the money who in turn are the ones lying to their employees and in turn, once again, who are destroying these beautiful dogs.
They are traitors. They are cons. And they are all so guilty of these hateful crimes.

Anonymous said...

Luciano is such a "leader"!
Phoenix Racetracks are closing in December but according to Luciano, the owners of the kennels will have the "right" to continue with the racing, breed even more or when all else fails and people are really watching, dump the leftover Greyhounds on "adoptions". (if they ever do make it even there)
Luciano? is that name related to Pizzi?
You both have just so much in" common"!

Anonymous said...

Pollack is a Scottsdale economist who is trying to get Arizona "back".
Everyone knows there are a lot of problems with the recession and with the past inflated property prices, and yada, yada, yada.
But what is interesting, is the fact that Pollack does say that with so much desire to make fuel efficient cars, US oil and its marketing will be a "winner". No longer will we have to depend on "foreign oil".
That's nice.
That's progressive.
That's "clean".
Maybe we should all get an interview with Elliot Pollack to clarify.

Jenna McWilliams said...

Just wondering: What got you interested in the plight of handlers and greyhounds especially greyhounds?

Ironicus Maximus said...

Just wondering: What got you interested in the plight of handlers and greyhounds especially greyhounds?

Ah, that's a tale best told over drinks in a dimly lit hotel bar in some far away city whose lights twinkle out to the edge of the dark, inscrutable bay.

It's a story clothed in mystery and edged with danger, full of deserted, rain soaked streets, men haunted by their pasts and women who've seen too much.

Oh no, wait. That's the story of how we got our degree.

As for the greyhounds, we adopted our first one back in the 90's. As we were driving home with him in the back seat, I looked into the rear view mirror and there were two of the deepest, most soulful, ancient eyes I had ever seen looking back at me. There were universes in those eyes. It was like looking at eternity. I knew, I just knew that he was important. Not just in the sense of adopting a pet, or rescuing a dog from an uncertain future, but important in ways I still can't fully articulate, even today. Yet, if you ask me, I will tell you with complete certainty that a request was made of me all those years ago on that drive home. I accepted.

A Native American friend once said that sometime in all our lives, our spirit guide presents himself to us and if we are open enough to recognize him, he will walk with us for the rest of our lives, help us to live well and learn wisdom.

Of course we are way too sophisticated to believe any of that.

Yep. Way too sophisticated.

Anonymous said...

I think the guy is interested in "energy". Not that he's going to "go green" by any means. He's not the kind of guy consumed by Al Gore and his followers, let alone, Obama.
Maybe this Pollack guy is trying to say that times are just so tough and so "immobile" that you gotta do what ya gotta do.
Now, that can get downright scary, particularly if you let things get out of control.
Somebody should sit that fellow right down "a spell" and hit him with big questions.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jenna...may I add a little story. I noticed you are asking about the "handlers". Of course, it depends what you mean by "handlers" because, as one who has adopted and devoted much time to this breed, I have seen the result of "many handlers" who leave these poor dogs in tatters.
Tatters...where the tail never slips into a natural, calm position, nor is it relaxed and friendly. It signals the dog is in constant fear and perhaps for its life. It also may be interpreted that the dog was severely beaten.
Then there is the "handler" who uses an electric rod to "direct" the dog where to go and what to do if not just get out of the way and back into its tiny cage. You know, the same kind of "cattle rod" the beef people from Texas just love? You know , all those really extreme , right wing Palin yahoos.
Again. That's the word you use..."handlers".
But, the most intriguing thing I think I ever did see was my very first visit to the "adoption" place and I spotted the fawn girl for me...she was described as "shy". Well, she was just SO shy, she was totally wild and unable to look at anybody or anything in the eye. She also stayed as far away as possible from human contact and all the other dogs as well. So, one must ask, surely, especially we the "educated" (like you) what on earth made that poor girl so damn "shy" that she feared a friendly hand to take her to a home and be a loving pet.
So, when you ask Ironicus Maximus a question, make sure you read up on "the plight" because what you really want to know is not about the Greyhounds at all. What your question should actually be, if I am able to say, is who on earth would ever treat these poor dogs so badly, for profit, in the name of Christian religion and also, for "politics".
Thank you so much for letting me be apart of the answer, IM. I cannot believe some people are so stupid.

Anonymous said...

Oh my GOD! it's JENNA!
(Didn't that name go out with "Star Wars"!
Anyway...Jenna I am GAY! (big capitals so it's emphasized)
I notice you have a problem with GAYS?
Like you "don't get it"?
Seriously, how are you ever supposed to "get it" when you are accustomed to racist comments by preachers who twist the Bible constantly, and politics doing the same with all this "southern exposure"?
You know, we say what we like here. I wish you would do the same. That is the only way we can deal and heal.
You included.

Ironicus Maximus said...

Hey folks
Jenna is not that Jenna. She's a student at the Indiana University with some legitimate questions about greyhound racing.

Calm down.

Anonymous said...

I hope somebody didn't insult Jenna for asking some necessary questions. However, to be fair, we have all seen so much cruelty regarding the Greyhounds who are utter slaves to the racing "industry", I question how much Jenna really investigated before she inquired. That doesn't mean she is not sincere. But what it does mean is that we, as opponents of this Greyhound business must truly strive for utter transparency so "the crowd" consisting of all the Jennas, will finally, all "get it".

Anonymous said...

Jenna...I, for one, am so happy to see you here, and asking questions.
This is exactly how we all started out. Little did we all know what was to be uncovered.
Please, keep at it. It is a monumental "Industry" to be finally exposed, with absolutely no more questions asked. It's been a very long time to become unravelled. But we are definitely getting there.
Stay very tuned. If you go back and follow ALL the Friday Hound Blogs, your answers will ALL be revealed. We have worked so very hard for this result and for decades.
Hundreds commenced, and now thousands are deeply committed. Governments , Worldwide, included .
It is beyond anyone's imagination, and that is why we had to do what we did. And thank God, it will come to an end. And let me make a prediction. 2010 will be the year.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am glad we have had a few "guests" on this blog. Unfortunately, this newest reject callled "Pilfer" is not one of them.
Can you imagine calling a perfectly, beautiful and charming Greyhound who kisses the faces of dogs and people,( and MEANS it,) "Pilfer"?
You know, it really gets to be just too much.
The "Mafia", the "Politics", the "Christian Right", they are totally endless. And there is never a halt or a slow-down with any of them.
How do you define all that?
How can one describe it?
How can you even believe it exists?
Well, you see the "Dogs", for instance.
You hear their cries.
You see their faces and their wounds and their gravesites.
And on and on and on.
And these bastards have a name for every one of these victims they sodomize, fuck or kill.
And of course, their little "joke" is :
"It's in the BIBLE, you MORON!"
Isn't that right, Martin Roper?
Isn't that right, Earl Tomblin?
Isn't that right, Mike Green?
Isn't that right, Doug Pizzi?
But let's do a "shout out" to the VP of Greyhound racing, himself.
Mr. Wonderboy. Mr. Prime Example.
He is Mr. Responsible. And he makes sure it all goes down.
Think about that kind of name and what they have all done with it.
Think of that name, and wonder how much more they all want "to do".

Anonymous said...

It's Sunday night and I am liking what I read.
However, Pilfer is not the only one looking like a cockroach , on its back, with feet in air.
Anyone, continually using these poor Greyhounds , like Diane Whiteley, Texas, should be called exactly what they are.
Cockroach? Well, I think they have another name for that, on your back in Texas?

Jenna McWilliams said...

wait did i just get accused of homophobia just because of my name? or of ignorance or something?

that's maximum irony, if you ask me. And all that just for wondering how the greyhound came to make its appearance here, at ironicus maximus!

it's interesting to be a strawman. I will swallow down my pithy, too-little-too-late response and just offer up my most sincere wishes that your readership has grown up a little in the intervening weeks.