Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The George W Bush Presidential Library! Motto: We Gotcher FOIA Right Here Buddy

We're coming to you today from the Do It Yourself Department here in the marbled halls of IM Central. DIY is a subsidiary of the This Is Just Too Easy Corporation, in Partnership with We Can't Make This Stuff Up, LLC.

OK, here's your instructions:

Step 1: George Bush is wants to build a presidential library at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

Step 2: No one wants to pay for it.

Combine step 1 and step 2 for hours of hilarious fun!

Here are some starters for you:

George Bush needs a library like a duck needs a Lamborghini.

Five hundred million for a library that will have two books in it?

The Dick Cheney wing will be booby trapped.

Balloons for the kids!

The souvenir shop will have the buckshot taken out of Harry Whittington's face!

The "Shock and Awe" room will have actual plastic soldiers and battle ships Bush used to plan the invasion of Iraq.

The presidential paper will be on prominent display.

The Laura Bush Lounge and Self Medication room is available for meetings and events.


Michelle Young Cuenant said...

If they are really "true christians" and children of "God", they would follow their speeches and glorifications...not to mention, the huge support their daughter got,( with free promotion, may I add, to sell books,) and donate 500 million to all the HIV in Africa. Or how about all the women in Afghanistan,being bombed, victims of acid throwing, or just being plain beaten, Laura? Wasn't that your commitment?
I mean, when all is "said and done", where's the beef? It's not supposed to just happen for Texas. In fact, if the planet needs to be a a truly Green World , maybe all the Bushes could finally, even just try, to turn a page, (and by themselves,) with just going "online".
To be 35th worst president is something. To want a 500 million library documenting all the blunders , is something else.

Michelle Young Cuenant

Anonymous said...

Dick Cheney is mad at Bush because he did not have "the intelligence" to pardon a couple of hundred people.We all know who they are but we don't know what they all know.
Dick may not have gotten out of his wheelchair to stand up to the new president. But I think he is inwardly begging to croak before those cow turds hit the fan.
A library you say? Imagine!