Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Is It Ethically Reponsible For The President To Engage In A Battle Of Wits With An Unarmed Man?

Our old daddy used to say that when someone invites you over to their house, you don't thank them by taking a dump on the rug. We mention that because President Obama invited his nemesis (if you can call someone with enough senile dementia to fuel three counties in the craziest part of California for six months a nemesis) senator McCain over to the White house today for the fiscal responsibility summit and the senior senator from the state of the 24/7 Early Bird Specials repaid the complement by trying to drop a stinker right on the carpet:

At the closing session of the "fiscal responsibility summit" at the White House President Obama graciously introduced John McCain and invited him to go first in raising a point or asking a question. McCain apparently thought he'd get in a little dig at his former campaign rival, and began talking about the bloated Pentagon budget. "We all know how large the defense budget is," the Arizona Republican said. "We all know that the cost overruns, your helicopter is now going to cost as much as Air Force One. I don't think that there's any more graphic demonstration of how good ideas have cost taxpayers enormous amount of money."

Well, to be fair, bad ideas also cost the taxpayers an enormous amount of money too, like you know, your broken down clown car of a presidential campaign? Just saying.

The president, taking away the senator's fun, agreed.

"I've already talked to [Defense Secretary Robert] Gates about a thorough review of the helicopter situation. The helicopter I have now seems perfectly adequate to me. Of course, I've never had a helicopter before. So, you know, maybe -- maybe I've been deprived and I didn't know it. But I think it is an example of the procurement process gone amuck, and we're going to have to fix it."

Oh, Snap! We said Snap senator, SNAP! You know, in your face? It means you've been punked. Dissed. Verbally spat upon. Is any of this getting through? Did he get all his meds today?

This almost certainly isn't what McCain had in mind. At a White House gathering on fiscal responsibility, McCain wanted to needle Obama on wasting federal funds on a new Marine One helicopter. Instead, the president voiced his agreement.

We agree. Probably what McCain had in mind was a concern his Depends would give out before the meeting was over. There was after all, a deposit the size of a French Baguette in there and now, thanks to the President, McCain was going to have to take it home with him.

On the bright side though, the Metamucil seems to be doing its job.


Anonymous said...

I think Murdoch had the "bean burrito" in the form of a chimpanzee "apology".( Will these stupid, old, right wing farts ever get it right?)
In the meantime, McCain should be on his knees with profuse abdominal pains regarding Palin payback on his campaign "watch". Bad enough the wardrobe then carting her kids about. One might think she is just another Octo-Mom on the roll for a buck. (no pun intended.)
Finally, does anyone at all know, in absolute financial numbers ,how much the Bush regime has "porked " taxpayers for all the ammo and wartime agendas? (And by the way, why should we not prosecute and go after Bush and Cheney to get it all back? The history, alone, is worth it.) Otherwise, God forbid, it will continually repeat itself in non-sensical aggression and just might get us all blown up in one more jihad. (better known as weapons of mass destruction)

Anonymous said...

Apparently, Jindal, is one of the better "car salesman" in the South. He was an embryo, Muslim, turned Catholic, then after that...he perpetually committed to "politician". What wins, wins, What loses, toss. (Didn't his daddy even say so?)
It was a nice try to compete with the President's "sincerity", pain, hope, and color, but unfortunately, Jindal has no sense for originality, or even "pain".
" No hand-outs because I don't need one.( I was smart enough to go into leeching the government.) "Furthermore, I want to keep what I got and screw all the poor, including India. I am a Republican, stupid!"

Anonymous said...

Unbelievably funny routine Jindal portrayed last night! We already know Republicans don't talk to one another unless they are online. .Democrats may have been on Twitter, but global televising of another right wing fool, not to mention, presidential wannabee...well, pal...ain't gonna happen. You made sure of that!
How bleak can Republicans get? Simple: they prefer him to Palin.
Unfortunately, how about just shutting all your Republican faces and trying to actually absorb something other than cash. Our mothers were all pregnant. Most wanted heroic and brave; not pansies and certainly not embarassments with all your empty, hypocritical banter.
Time to fix Louisiana, gov.. Maybe then you look a little more credible. Meanwhile, keep the "Happy Mardi Gras" to yourself. You seem to be enjoying it at everyone's cost.