Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Michigan! Motto: When You Care Too Much To Vote Just Once

Truth be told, we do enjoy pointing out the foibles of our sister states here in the marbled halls of IM Central. In the interests of fair play though, we have to say that the Winter Water Wonderland also has its share of' with rather unique outlooks on the electoral process. Yeah, that's the ticket.

This morning, as we blearily perused the local fish wrap, hoping not to run across anything too blatantly crazy until the caffeine had kicked in, what to our wandering eye should appear but this:

Voters will be weighing whether to recall Michigan House speaker Andy Dillon from his current House term ending in December while deciding whether to re-elect him for a new two-year term starting in January.

Yes folks, you read that right. At the same time they are deciding whether to reelect Dillon, they will be deciding whether to recall him or not.

And you wonder why we are the way we are.

Leon Drolet, leader of the recall supporting Michigan Taxpayers Alliance, said voters now can have their say. When asked why voters couldn't 'have their say' by either reelecting Dillon or not Drolet replied "Once is not enough. People have to repeat things to me all the time, although I think that's more because of the buzzing. You hear that? What was the question again?"

OK, so here are the possible outcomes:

Dillon wins reelection, but loses the recall in which case he will be allowed to return to the House where he will then be dragged from the building by security and beaten with one of Leon Drolet's shoes.

Dillon doesn't win reelection, but also doesn't get recalled in which case his republican challenger Sandra Eggers will be allowed to move ahead two spaces.

Dillion loses both reelection and the recall in which case Leon Drolet will be allowed to move about the community without notifying the authorities first, but he will still have to stay at least 100 yards from any public building.

Dillon wins reelection and isn't recalled, in which case Leon Drolet is exiled to Indiana after Dillon sinks him in a dunk tank full of turpentine.

We'd go for option four if the turpentine was on fire.

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George said...

Hey, if your recall election doesn't include a ballot with candidates like an ex-porn star, a Terminator, and a Gary Coleman, well, sir, your state has nothing on mine.

Not to mention the Terminator won.