Tuesday, September 02, 2008

That Makes John McCain Richard Nixon, But Without The Scruples

We're coming to you from the Spiro Agnew Memorial wing today here in the marbled halls of IM Central. We're down here doing a little housecleaning and rearranging to make room for the addition of the Sarah Palin History Repeats Itself Promenade.

What do these two great Americans have in common you ask? In the grand tradition of conservative politicians, they both put family first, well until they're indicted anyway, but even then strong family values are the core of their social philosophy, or would have been if Agnew had a daughter who knew a...erm...ah...red blooded real American boy. Both are fonts of talent and expertise whose meteoric rise through the party ranks brought them to national attention early and often, except for Palin. Agnew is committed to upholding the public trust as is Palin. And finally, both are sessionists, except for Agnew.

So we say give this Sarah Palin a chance. She stood up to the Russians, she can easily take the heat of a national campaign. Look what Agnew did for the office of the Vice Presidency. Surely Palin deserves a chance to leave her mark on the pages of history just as she left her mark on Wasilla. Besides, what else is there to do in Alaska except find a way out?

If you need us, we'll be consulting with our broker.

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Michelle Young Cuenant said...

Boy...I just hate politics but since I am a woman and things have come down to a really stupid beauty queen and an extreme right view...I just can't take it anymore! :)
Wasilla sounds like Gorilla to me and when your own kid doesn't listen to you about "abstinence"...who's going to listen to you about anything? (particularly when you have had five kids.)
Palin is looking more and more like Bush with two breasts... when she's not beating them about selling a plane on EBAY or proud of the fact her husband is a snowmobile champ...(granted, one that was a drunk) she boasts that she has even been to Kuwait!...Hello? First trip overseas with one passport does not cut if for "International Affairs"...at the very least, Obama is highly educated and incredibly classy...and Biden has had 35 years in worldly conventions...I am astonished with the utter ignorance of the Republican Parties...it is obvious no-one gives a damn about our global respect....let alone a C- female representing 50%.