Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We Were For That Investigation Before We Were Against It

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It seems Governor, VP candidate, Russia-is-close-enough-to-throw-rocks-at, Sarah "The Vanilla from Wasilla" Palin has had a change of heart about cooperating with the Troopergate investigation back in her home state which is right next door to Russia if you didn't know.

Republican vice presidential hail Mary pass Sarah Palin will not cooperate with a legislative inquiry into her firing of an Alaska official, her campaign said, labeling the probe "likely to find out the truth."

Spokesman Ed O'Callaghan said the investigation had become "tainted" by state lawmakers targeting Palin "simply because she's acting like every other corrupt, power abusing, lackey promoting , score settling republican official of the past eight years."

"I think it's fair to say that the governor is not going to cooperate with that investigation so long as it remains apparent that the goal is to get to the truth. You know how republicans hate that," O'Callaghan said.

Alaska lawmakers voted 5-3 to subpoena Palin's husband Todd "The Dude Abides" Palin in the legislative investigation into whether his wife improperly attempted to fire a state trooper who was her former brother-in-law. "Oh like I'm going to rat out my wife," the Dude told reporters. "Do you know how good a shot she is?"

The committee also subpoenaed Palin's chief of staff and deputy chief of staff. "Do you know the difference between Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin?" asked Palin's chief of staff. "Lipstick."

The panel had agreed beforehand however that a subpoena of Sarah Palin herself would not be considered, with the understanding she would agree to an interview by the investigator, retired prosecutor Stephen Branchflower. "Well, in all fairness we didn't really have an open discussion about subpoenaing her," Branchflower said. "Considering the governor came to the meeting armed and all. Sort of put a damper on things."

In July Palin fired Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan, who has alleged that he was removed because of his resistance to pressure to dismiss Alaska state trooper Mike Wooten, the ex-husband of Palin's sister Molly McCann, and his refusal investigate the judges who awarded her second place in the 1984 Miss Alaska pageant.

Palin rejected the charge, saying she would just as soon of shot him in cold blood, but the legislature launched an investigation in late July, well before Palin was "chosen" by McCain. At the time, Palin said she and her staff would cooperate fully with the probe "as long as it didn't interfere with her policy of government by vendetta."

Since she was made the Republican vice presidential nominee seven Alaskan agency heads and members of Palin's executive staff have canceled or refused to voluntarily schedule interviews with the investigator after having the windows in their homes shot out.

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Anonymous said...

Palin is "still with her guy" because he is part of her game-plan...just like her passport, she has gone nowhere, dated no-one else as a teenager, so why on earth did we ever think that a highschool, basketball dribbler would do more than "dribble"? Maybe that's why she had so many kids...she gets it.
What she does not get is everything else, including her abuse of power, her lobbyist mentality and let's not forget her own personal tanning bed that taxpayers are punched with from good ol' hockey mom, Sarah!
Personally, I remember a long-nosed, hockey player called Eddy Shack who had the meanest and nastiest "whack", and it is looking more and more like slapshots and sticking it , day to day....and not with a pig in lipstick.... oh no!...but a crook in pseudo biblical heels....sharpened in the Republican arena.