Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hola! Donde Es La Country, Dude?

Hey. Get off John McCain's back OK? You want to blame someone for him not knowing that Spain was in Europe? blame his foreign policy adviser:

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Anonymous said...

Zapatero will work with a new administration, "whatever it is." about if it is a typical Caitlyn Upton in the form of Sarah Palin? After all, Palin knows about Russia...she sees it out her back door.
It certainly is a possibility...after all, if Miss Teen South Carolina can "swing it", why can't Palin?
Miss Upton was laughing after all the buzz and stupidity, but she took it like...Hey! I made it to the finals, didn't I? And with all her "good looks" and brain -dead retorts", she laughed: "It's like I'm not in my actual body."
Hello? Anybody home in any body?
If the McCain=Palin ticket truly hits the runway and takes off into the "Catwalk of No Return"....there is going to be a very deep dive into the orchestra pits of America, and it won't just be the musicians that are will break every ankle , face, and soul across the wastelands that dare associate with us.