Monday, March 24, 2008

Yeah, But It Was A Persian Cat

Let's just get right out in the open that we've made peace with our government overlords. In fact, we're on such good relations with the agent who monitors our calls, that whenever we order a pizza we always ask if we should order extra crazy bread (one click for yes, two for no) and we've taken to putting the car in the garage each night so there's room on the driveway for the black van that sits in front of IM Central to get off the street during the overnight no parking hours.

Which is probably why we weren't as upset by the fissle cat caper as the author of this article.

The unsettling thing about living in a surveillance society isn't just that you're being watched. It's that you have no idea.
See, this is just the kind of commie-pinko, libtard thinking that got us the constitution in the first place. Of course the people being watched aren't supposed to know they're being watched. If they know they're being watched, they won't do the things were watching them for. What do you think government is for anyway?

The feds have been monitoring Interstate 5 for nuclear "dirty bombs." They do it with radiation detectors so sensitive it led to the following incident. "Vehicle goes by at 70 miles per hour," deputy chief Joe Giuliano said. "Agent is in the median, a good 80 feet away from the traffic. Signal went off and identified an isotope [in the passing car]."The agent raced after the car, pulling it over not far from the monitoring spot. The agent questioned the driver, then did a cursory search of the car, Giuliano said. "Turned out to be a cat with cancer that had undergone a radiological treatment three days earlier."

Oh sure, the driver said it was his cat, but isn't that just what a terrorist would say? Did the agent shoot the driver anyway? Did he confiscate the cat? Did he at least TASER someone? We doubt it. Wake up America. Do we have to wait until there's a mushroom cloud over the Humane Society? What good are your rights if suicide cat bombers roam the street of our cities?

From bomb sniffing to bank monitoring of the kind that brought down Eliot Spitzer to phone and Internet data crunching to citizenship checkpoints — all are becoming commonplaces of American life.
As well they should be. This is about protecting our way of life from people who wear black socks during sex. Did you hear about that? Oh man, that Spitzer guy is one warped dude, we mean, come on, black socks? That's right out of those old time pornos we used to watch in the garage when our parents were out. Umm...hypothetically speaking. Talk about the postman and the bored housewife. But this guy was the governor of New York. Well, where were we? Oh yeah, national security.

Giuliano says the point really is to catch terrorists. He says it's true that the odds of catching one may be a billion to one so we should probably get used to hearing about politicians visiting hookers.

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