Monday, June 11, 2007

In Which We Throw Away What Little Scruples We Had For Some Of That Hot Celebrity Action

You know, we have tried mightily to stay out of this whole Paris Hilton thing because there are some things that are even less socially redeeming than a blog with no socially redeeming value. But then we saw this headline: Paris Hilton says she will no longer "act dumb."!

"I used to act dumb. ... That act is no longer cute," ABC quoted Hilton as saying.

Now, of course "dumb" is one of the adjectives we would have used to describe the actions of Ms. Hilton. Not the first adjective, nor even one of the top ten, but before we go on we have to ask you something:

Do you really need us for this?

Didn't think so. It's a beautiful day. Go outside, walk in the park, pet a dog, give a homeless guy a buck. We're going to take a long shower, then burn our clothes.

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