Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Hound Blogging

Aw, man. See This is what's wrong with democracy. When people don't get their way, they aren't lead off and shot, or banished to areas where the temperature is measured in Kelvins. They get to regroup, reorganize and try again!

Opponents of greyhound racing say they’ll push for a ballot question outlawing the sport in the Bay State, their third such campaign this decade. "Isn't it obvious that people want greyhound racing?" said a spokesperson for the two operating tracks in the state. "I mean, look around, tracks are opening up all over the country, revenue is up and people are flocking to greyhound racing in droves. I just don't know what world these animal rights whackos are living in."

"Greyhounds are still suffering here in Massachusetts," Christine Dorchak, president of Grey2K USA said. "Since 2002, over 700 dogs have been injured racing at Wonderland and Raynham Park. For this reason we feel it’s important to bring this question to the voters, so this cruelty can end, once and for all."

"Well of course greyhounds are injured," said
said Gary Temple, track manager, director of simulcasting, Parking manager, and head custodian at Raynham-Taunton greyhound track. "That's why we have a breeding program, so we can replace those dogs with fresh ones and the racing isn't disrupted. You think we don't have a business model or something?"

Racing supporters have said the tracks employ thousands of people who would be out of jobs if the tracks were forced to close. "Look, these people are doing the jobs illegal immigrants won't do," Temple said. Closing these tracks would just be un-American."

We must have missed that part of the Constitution that protected our rights to exploit animals. Do you remember seeing it Crystal?

Crystal is very dainty and sweet. She’s an adorable and affectionate, happy little girl. She loves to be close to her foster family. She likes to nuzzle in closer when she’s being petted. Her family describes her as a delicate flower. She has to take all of the toys out and put them on her bed. Crystal would be better in a home with someone that is home more often or doesn’t plan on crating her if they are a working family. She does well with well-mannered children, and she would be fine as an only dog, as long as the people gave her the attention she needs. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.

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