Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The old dog barks backward without getting up/I can remember when he was a pup (Robert Frost)

Regular readers of this blog (Hi Mom!) will know that we are quite the fans of skinny dogs around IM Central. Truth be told just about any old dog will do though, even if they happen to be a breed that's not mentioned in Shakespeare.

Which is why we direct your attention over to the right for the newest addition to the list of suspect bloggers, Creek Running North. This is the blog of Chris Clarke, and while it isn't exclusively about dogs, we bring it to you now because Chris faces the challenge all of us who have given our hearts to those with wet noses and loose morals face: How to say good bye to a good friend.

Chris does it with grace, candor and courage that befits his dying friend.

h/t to PZ who said, "It's a strange thing to care about a dog I never met."

Not really, PZ, not really.

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Scott said...

I love this poem. But it's meaning is more technical than most realize. The first line must be said slowly, representing age. The second, can be said quickly aloud, representing youth. Frost was brilliant after all. :)