Thursday, December 07, 2006

OK. Who Are You And What Have You Done With The President?

Yeah. Right. Like we're supposed to believe this.

President Bush said that a new approach was required on Iraq. "I believe we need a new approach," Bush said during a press conference with British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

When asked what he thought that 'approach' might be, the president responded, "I believe we need a new approach."

Repeated questioning by reporters failed to elicit any other response from the president leading them to speculate his radio link with vice president Cheney was not operating correctly. It was also determined after the news conference that the figure of Tony Blair was actually a life sized cut out, but reporters had suspected that for several years.

The vice president's office subsequently issued a statement that claimed the president wasn't actually at the news conference at all, but had been represented by one of his doubles, used to fool terrorists. "The guy just got carried away," a spokesperson for the vice president said. "You have to expect that when you only pay minimum wage."

Later, a man resembling the president was seen going into the Chuck E Cheese on Lincoln and 4th streets.


James said...

And by new approach, I assume he means a different marketing approach for the war?

Ironicus Maximus said...

The the president doesn't think we're losing in Iraq, it's just that the pace of success is slower than anticipated, but we could all help it along if we'd just CLAP LOUDER!!!1!1!