Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Why No, I Don't Think I Can Learn From My Past Mistakes. Why Do You Ask?

OK, you've got to give the president one thing: he's consistent. We mean, the guy's been swimming against the tide of reality for what, 20 years now? You'd think that sooner or later something would seep in.

Yeah. You'd think that, but then you'd have to explain this.

President George W. Bush will nominate a former federal highway chief, Mary Peters, as the next transportation secretary, an administration official said. Peters is currently a vice president at HDR, Inc. an engineering firm.

That would be the HDR, Inc. involved in rebuilding after Katrina and Boston's Big Dig, and we all know how well they are going.

Peters was a surprise selection after more prominent names faded in recent days. Federal Aviation Administration Administrator Marion Blakey and acting Transportation Secretary Maria Cino had been viewed as top candidates. "Yeah. We're having a little trouble getting people to return our calls," said White House Press Secretary Tony Snowjob.

Peters is from Phoenix and a former state transportation official in Arizona before joining the Bush administration. Her planned 2006 run for Arizona governor foundered last year on questions about her state residency qualifications after living in Virginia during her Bush administration tenure. "Hey, this is the internet age," said an aide to Peters. "Why should the governor actually have to live in the state she governs. They've got conference calls."

As highway administrator, Peters focused on expanding the private sector's role in financing, building, operating and maintaining transportation infrastructure. "I viewed my job as a government official to get government out of the road building and maintenance business," Peters told reporters. "After all, no one makes a profit if government does stuff. And my job as head of a government agency is to make sure someone's making a profit."

You bet. Democracy at its best.

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