Thursday, September 28, 2006

And Now, A Word From Our Conscience

Dear Mr. President, and Congress:

Americans don't torture people. Mr. Bush, we realize that simple statement may be hard for you to understand because you apparently have no historical knowledge and you've surrounded yourself with people who are ignorant of the implications of America's founding principles--and proud of it.

Congress persons, you have apparently forgotten--if you ever knew--that being in Congress isn't about you, it's about us, and particularly about our children.

See, democracies are all about the future, about legacies. Because they're never done, one generation works to make it a little better for the next. We all engage in a big conversation, the thrust of which is what can we do to move our society forward and make it more equitable, more tolerant, more just, and more fair, especially to the most vulnerable among us.

Newsflash: Torutre is none of those things.

Mr. Bush, it appears you've made up your mind that America must be destroyed to save it from a bunch of guys living in caves, but you have a choice before you Mr and Ms Congresspersons. You can have a tombstone that reads, "Here lies so and so. He/She made a million," or "Here lies so and so. He/She made a difference."

Your call, but we're watching. Everyone is watching.

And now back to your regualrly scheduled blog...

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