Friday, October 14, 2005

Friday Hound Blogging

It probably goes without saying that common sense isn't one of the overlords' strongest attributes, but even given the, shall we say, tenuous connection to reality that most in the dog racing industry have, this is still surprising.

Four dog kennel owners whose dogs raced at the Plainfield Greyhound Park have sued the owners of the track, claiming they were misled into believing live racing would continue throughout the year. "Well, sure, we noticed that there wasn't anybody in the stands," said kennel owner Bob Witts. "But we just figured they were still getting stuff at the concession stand."

Witts said just days after Plainfield approved zoning that would allow a car race track to be built, kennel owners were called in by dog track management and told live racing would end. "It's like they didn't even want us around," said David Tatro, another of the kennel owners. "Besides, who's going to come and see car racing? Do they really think they can make money off of that?"

"Most of the kennel owners were keeping between 100 and 200 dogsin kennels designed for 80," Witts said. "We had them really crammed in there because you need to run a lot of dogs to make any money. It's not like people on social security are independently wealthy you know. A two dollar bet means cat food for dinner if they don't win."

John McGrath of Willimantic, the plaintiffs' lawyer, said some of plaintiffs have subsequently moved dogs to other tracks, while others have given up the dog racing business and were forced to find homes for their dogs. "My clients are now forced to work for a living. Do you know how traumatic that is? Especially for people with no education and poor people skills."

Boo Hoo. Tell it to the hand Counselor, 'cause the hounds ain't listening. Especially this week's hound Hi Best Twister:

Twister is a typical greyhound who is described as a "Velcro" dog. He wants to be part of the family by following you around the house and being near you at all times. He looks to his foster home for guidance, since being in a home is new to him. He will need a home that is willing to accept having a shadow with four legs. Twister is so loving that he wants to express his love by giving out kisses. In return for kisses he would appreciate a neck and ear rub. He loves to play because he is just 2 years old; he has an average amount of energy. He enjoys playing with his toys. He also is a quick learner. He would benefit from an obedience training class. Twister's tail is extra long so it curls up at the end and he has it on auto-wag all the time. He is also considered an extra large greyhound but he is very gentle and calm with people. He would make someone a wonderful companion who could take him places and spend lots of time with him because he does not do well being left alone for long periods of time. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.

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