Monday, November 12, 2012

If You Take A Maker And Make Him A Taker Does That Make You A Taker Maker?

OK, so it looks like the results of the last election mean reality has finally broken through the border and run amok in the republican state of denial, forcing the less heavily medicated residents to apply for refugee status in our world by facing up to the reality that the bulk of the American people just aren't that into their policies. As is always the case with republicans though, it seems a fair number of the rank and file abandoned their castles in the air, but only made it as far as East Delusion.
Yes, it's apparent that the takers won while the makers -- the working man -- lost in this farce of an election.
Now, if you're an overweight, diabetic white guy in Alabama, say, who's on disability and just got his Hoveround covered by Medicare, and you voted for Romney, it's hard for us to see how you're a maker. In fact, if you look at the states where Romney did the best you'll see they are the biggest drain on the federal budget.

The other thing that confuses us is that the republicans were backing a guy who's whole business model was to swoop into a town, buy up a business, loot it, then beat feet leaving the makers who used to work at the business in full take mode.

Republicans? We don't think making and taking means what you think it means.

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