Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hounds Home For The Holiday

Once again it's time for that annual tradition we occasionally remember called Hounds Home For The Holiday in which we take advantage of the seasonal celebration to see if we can squeeze out a couple of extra forever couches for some homeless needle noses. Look at it this way, if your furniture is full of greyhounds, there will be no place for your crazy tea baggger brother in law to sit, so he'll go home before explaining to anyone who can't get out of the room fast enough why the "black states" threw the election for B. Hussein. Win win, right?

But what mention of the skinny dogs would be complete without a shout out to that loving gang of overlords who so carefully watch over the units...erm...dogs, when they're not killing them, abandoning them, or dumping them on people who suffer from congenital empathy.

Now, as we've written before, the overlords don't seem to be what you might call the shiniest ornaments on the tree, so when faced with year after year of revenue decline, tracks closing, people crossing the street to avoid them, neighbors moving away and sudden, uncomfortable silences whenever they enter a restaurant or a store, you might think they'd begin to get the idea that they are about as welcome in polite society as a dump truck load of rattlesnakes left on your lawn.

Well, if you thought that, it just goes to show you don't know overlords because what they really do when faced with the reality of their dying industry is try and find someone to prop them up because Walmart Greeter School is very selective.
 Texas Senate Joint Resolution 6. This measure was filed by Texas State Senator Rodney Ellis, and would prop up the cruelty of dog racing. Specifically, it would legalize slot machines at racetracks and require that this new form of gambling be used to subsidize greyhound races.
According to the bill: "The general law must ... provide sufficient revenue to the horse and greyhound breed registries and the horsemen's organization to facilitate a nationally competitive horse and greyhound racing industry in this state because god knows there aren't enough people in this state stupid enough to support industrialized cruelty by losing the rent money to a gang of losers and a washouts like we have in the overlords. Plus, no marketable skills, so it's either this or they go on welfare."

Point taken, Mr. Ellis, but what about jobs? What about the huge contribution killing and maiming greyhounds makes to the local economy?
Every elected official in Macon County was in Shorter Tuesday morning where a press conference was held to announced their demands that the Victoryland gaming center be re-opened.Tuskegee Mayor Johnny Ford says that if an economic engine like Victoryland were to re-open, it could help put more than 2,000 people back to work.
Yay! Low wage, part time, no benefit jobs because freedom!  Look, we've got nothing against people working for a living, sort of wish the overlords had chosen that career path, but really Mayor Ford, you want your people working in the only industry left that makes employment at Walmart seem like a cushy gig? Come on man, the only thing worse than working at a greyhound track is being a greyhound at a greyhound track, right Bones?

Luyendyke Bones is a very sweet, friendly and outgoing boy. He gets along very well with the other Greyhounds in the foster home. Bones is learning to go up and down the stairs. He loves to play with toys. Bones is not cat safe so no kitties in the home please. He has not been around small dogs yet, nor has he met any children, but he would probably be OK with well mannered ones. Bones would do well in a home with a single owner or a family. He would be fine as the only dog in the household. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.

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