Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Hound Blogging

Generally we don't like to draw parallels. In the first place, drawing parallels requires a steady hand and by the time we make it to the electronic computer machine to inflict another blog post on the unsuspecting interwebs, our hands have been directly involved in reducing the world's supply of Stolichnaya for a not inconsiderable period of time, if you take our point and we think you do. Выпьем за то, чтобы у нас всегда был повод для праздника! (Google it. We're busy here)

How. Ever. The conclusion of the recent quadrennial American folly called electing a president and the current edition of FHB presented us with  two situations having the same direction, course, nature, or tendency; corresponding; similar; analogous and extending in the same direction, equidistant at all points, and never converging or diverging that regardless of, or perhaps in spite of our best efforts to create a shortage of  the world's most original vodka, enjoyed by the world's most original people, we were presented with a parallel so big you could drive a truck through it.

OK that didn't make a whole lot of sense even to us, but you know, hands, Stoli, питье! Anyway, the point is we have discovered republicans and the overlords have the same problem. No, not that they're both heartless, self centered, greed machines with less empathy than a wounded scorpion...although now that you mention it...well, be that as it may, the particular issue we want to focus on is that both the republicans and the overlords have a constituency problem.

As we pointed out in a previous post and as senator Lindsey Graham so eloquently put it, using overfed, undereducated, aging white guys with penis issues as foundational to your growth model is not a strategy likely to result in legislative dominance.

It seems the overlords are passengers on the same ship of fools.
The Memphis Bus Riders Union met on Sunday to discuss the video one of their members shot of MATA riders getting dropped off on the side of an Interstate 40 exit. It's MATA's new drop off for the Greenline route on the way to Southland Park Gaming and Racing. "There was a guy in a wheelchair, he couldn't even ride his wheelchair on the gravel part so he had to go in the street," says union member Shelia Williams. Southland Park is approximately a half a mile walk around the corner from where the bus is dropping them off.
A half mile? Man. What would Ayn Rand say? The rubes don't have to go Galt to get to the track and lose the rent money, they have to go through Galt and come out on the other side. This cannot stand. You can't treat makers this way, even if they are the makers of the overlords' trailer payments. What's the problem here anyway?
"We've been reaching out to MATA, we've been reaching out to city government in West Memphis, reached out to Southland but we haven't been able to get any clear answer on why was MATA banned from the property," says union member Brad Watkins.
Let's see if we have this straight. You take the primary source of transportation for the bulk of your clientele and you make it stop around the corner and down the street from the track. Who's your Director of Strategic Planning, Todd Akin? Who does your PR, Rush Limbaugh?
"If this is just a squabble between them (MATA and Southland), I think it's very unfortunate that the bus riders are caught in the middle of this," Union member Paul Garner said.
Oh, we get it. Now that makes a little more sense. After all, the bus is public transportation and we all know who rides public transportation, right? Losers, leeches and 47%'ers, but here's the thing, those are the overlords' people, right Sera?

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