Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Hound Blogging

Frequent reader(s) of this blog have probably made peace with that look exchanged by their parents when they come home for the holiday and are once again forced to explain their life choices...erm...we mean may remember Wednesday's entry in which we highlighted the overlords' ongoing struggles to stay out of the labor pool.

Sure no one wants to come to watch greyhounds risk injury and death at two bucks a shot, but is that any reason to throw a whole class of leeches out in the street?  Of course not. What the overlords need is just a helping hand through this current difficulty. Come on, you did it for GM and the big banks, why can't you do it for an industry that contributes nothing to social welfare, abuses innocent living creatures for profit and is a net drain on whatever residential neighborhoods have the misfortune of being located nearby.

Now take the folks at Oxford Greyhound Stadium for example. Here's a facility that's "been a top entertainment venue for greyhound racing and speedway since 1939." Sure it's fallen on hard times lately, but have the people given up on it like it was a slow greyhound? Have they abandoned it like it was an injured greyhound? Or have they banded together like good neighbors to help in the struggle and bring the Stadium back to it's former glory?
Oxford Greyhound Stadium is to shut, it has been confirmed tonight. The stadium in Blackbird Leys has had a question mark over its future for months, with building housing on the site being put forward as a potential plan. The Oxford Mail has just learnt the last meeting will be held on December 29.
There. See what a small group of committed individuals can do...wait, what?
Racing manager Gary Baiden, who has been at the track since 1986 said:" We are all shell shocked. We were under the impression that even if the building plans were approved we would have at least another 18 months here at least.
 Oh we hear you Mr. Baiden. Why 18 months would have given you time to complete that correspondence course in Valet Parking.
Oxord East MP Andrew Smith has tonight labelled the decision "an absolute tragedy".
Well Mr. Smith it would actually be more accurate to describe this as the end of an absolute tragedy, but we understand this is an emotional time for you so we won't quibble.
"It's very sad, the end of an era. I feel sorry for the owners, trainers and staff. The trainers could be offered posts at the other GRA tracks, but what a headache for the trainers and nearly 400 greyhounds to contend with, said Baiden."
 Truly a calamity Mr. Baiden. We mean, what could be worse than having all those living, breathing, sentient, innocent animals relying on you for their care, their very survival and you with no way to make money off of them.
"Everybody affected here will have to find new jobs, it's a sad, sad day. we said before, Mr. Baiden, we really don't want to quibble at this unfortunate time for you, but we really feel it would be more accurate to say everybody affected here will have to find jobs. You know, no offense or anything and with all due respect, but the greyhounds were the only ones working, right W W?

I am a little bit of a shy boy but I am learning how to live in a home environment. I was not sure how to handle touching and affection at first but now I wag my tail when I’m being petted. I am learning a lot from the other dogs in my foster home. I already know how to go up and down the stairs all by myself. I love to throw my squeaky toys up in the air and then catch them. I like kids that are a little older and calm so they don’t make me nervous. I am housebroken and I don’t mind being in my crate. I love to go for walks and do really well on my leash. I have heard my foster mom describe me as an “angel.” I would do well in a home with a single owner or a family with older well-behaved kids. I am really attached to the foster dogs in the home with me and I don’t really think I would do well as an only dog. I don’t like cats so no kitties in the home please.
For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.

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