Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Your Life Preserver Is Made Of Cement

President Muslim notices the kids:
Road trip! President Barack Obama escapes the stuffy confines of Washington on Tuesday, traveling on a two-day swing through major universities in the electoral battlegrounds of North Carolina, Colorado and Iowa. His mission: to push Congress to keep a lid on student loan costs.
Well, that's a nice thought and all Mr. Socialist  sir, but lower cost loans are still, you know, loans and stuff. It's sort of like giving someone who just cut their arm off cheap access to band aids.

If you really want to help, how about getting public funding back into public schools so the kids don't have to pay for it all themselves. You know, sort of like it was before everyone decided kids were profit centers and not the future of democracy. Yeah, like that.

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scripto said...

Concrete, my friend, concrete. Nothing is made out of cement except maybe cement.