Monday, April 02, 2012

Maybe That Was The Presentation He Was Going To Show At His Seminary Class Reunion

OK, let's say you're a well respected member of the community, a pillar if you will, but you work for a company that been taking a bit of a beating in the press lately for some less than ethical actions and as a result the customers are getting a bit restless. So you're out in your official capacity trying to shore up the dike so to speak and in that role you find yourself in front of a group of the aforementioned patrons and patronesses tasked with the goal of burnishing the old corporate image.

So you fire up the computer, throw in the flash drive and prepare to set off on a Powerpoint excursion through all the reasons why bygones should be bygones. But instead of a multimedia exegesis apologia you get a screen filled with ...Pr0n!!
An investigation is under way after indecent images were "inadvertently" shown by a Catholic priest during a presentation at a primary school in County Tyrone. Father Martin McVeigh projected the images onto a screen during a meeting for parents in Pomeroy in preparation for First Holy Communion. One child was also present.
Well, there goes your merit bonus.
Parents said 16 indecent images of men were displayed. The priest said he had no knowledge of the offending imagery.
Now, in Father McVeigh's defense, he probably did have his back to the screen and it wasn't until Mrs. O'Donnell fainted that he thought to look around, but our question is which of the audience members had the presence of mind to count the images?

The parents said Fr McVeigh quickly removed the memory stick."He was visibly shaken and flustered," said the parents. "He gave no explanation or apology to the group and bolted out of the room. Later and spokesman for the Vatican Office of Crap, We've Done It Again issued a statement that said "Oh crap. We've done it again."

"The meeting continued in his absence, however, the parents who viewed the pictures were horrified and distracted."This was the most exciting thing to happen at church since Colin Healy's case of explosive diarrhea," one parent told reporters.
"Twenty minutes later he returned, he continued with the meeting and wrapped up by saying that the children get lots of money for their Holy Communion and should consider giving some of it to the church."
Good for you Padre. When in trouble always play to your strengths, although it would have been even better if you'd mentioned that some of that money could go to computer classes so you could learn how to password protect files. Just a suggestion.
In a statement on Monday, Cardinal Brady, the head of the Catholic Church in Ireland, said  "The priest has stated that he had no knowledge of the offending imagery. The archdiocese immediately sought the advice of the PSNI who indicated that, on the basis of the evidence available, no crime had been committed.
"Look, we're as surprised as everyone else that no crime was committed," Cardinal Brady said.

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