Monday, February 06, 2012

Hoekstra For Senate: It's The White Thing To Do

Frequent reader(s) of this blog know the coming hope of spring is just another step in the slow march to dissolution...erm...we mean know that the marbled halls of IM Central are firmly ensconced in the Great Lake State, the Pleasant Peninsula, the Water Winter Wonderland, the corroded buckle on the rust belt..oops...forget that last one. Don't want Clint Eastwood coming over here and making his day on our backside.

Our point is that as card carrying Michganders we have the unique privilege of sharing the state with one Peter Hoekstra whom we've written about before. Now, old Petey is currently running against current Senator Debbie Stabenow, having lost out to "One Tough Nerd" Rick (Smile as you twist the knife) Snyder in the most recent race for governor.

For those of you unfamiliar with the ins and outs of the electoral process, there are two senators from each state and they represent and are elected by the residents of said state. OK so far? Good. So you figure as the ostensible candidate of the loyal opposition you're going to have to convince a majority of the voters in the state in which you reside that you are the better choice. Therefore you embark on a campaign to educate the aforementioned voters as to your excellence.

This, of course costs money, and unless you're Mitt Romney you don't have unlimited funds, so you look for ways to maximize your exposure to those tasked with voting while minimizing your costs so as to maintain your viability over the long campaign.

Unless you're Pete Hoekstra of course, then you pay $150,000 to take out an ad on the Superbowl and flaunt your racism for the whole world to see.

OK, so you're thinking, Hey Ironicus, we're not political scientists or anything but wouldn't there be millions more people who couldn't vote for Hoekstra because they don't live in Michigan watching the Superbowl than people who actually, you know live in the state?

Why yes, yes there would, which kind of makes you wonder whose advising Hoekstra, David Duke? Anyway, aside from the financial questionability of the ad (and its equally bigoted companion website) one has to wonder why Hoekstra chose to kick off his campaign for the senate by alienating a large portion of the public, as in these folks, these folks, these folks, oh folks too.

We know, let's ask him.
Hoekstra defended the ad, calling it a "home run" during an interview Monday with Detroit radio WJR-AM's Paul W. Smith. He said it's only "insensitive" to the spending philosophy of Stabenow and Democratic President Barack Obama.
 Well, there it is then. Surely with that clear of an explanation the public will see the ad as it was intended.
A barrage of criticism hit Hoekstra's Facebook page early Sunday evening, but most of the negative comments were deleted by Monday morning. On YouTube, the ratings buttons on the ad were disabled after it aired, although another copy of the ad placed there by others was getting a mostly negative response.
 And there, in a nutshell is what's wrong with America today. It's reactions like that that lead to a black man getting into the White House in the first place, right Pete?

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