Tuesday, February 07, 2012

All Your Vaginas Are Belong to Us

OK, now here's an odd headline: Catholic League Poised To Go To War With Obama Over Mandatory Birth Control Payments. You'd think if there was anyone who would object to having their agenda characterized as a "war" it'd be religious folks. You know there's that whole love your neighbor thing. Plus do unto others...isn't that like the Prime Directive or something? We haven't been to mass in a while so we may have missed a memo or two. Anyway, let's go see what's up.
“Never before, unprecedented in American history, for the federal government to line up against the Roman Catholic Church,” said Catholic League head Bill Donohue.
Oh. Bill Donohue. Why didn't you say so. What is it Bill?  Some one else trying to suggest that boinking the choirboys is not in the bible?
Catholic leaders are furious and determined to harness the voting power of the nation’s 70 million Catholic voters to stop a provision of President Barack Obama’s new heath car reform bill that will force Catholic schools, hospitals and charities to buy birth control pills, abortion-producing drugs and sterilization coverage for their employees.
Um...Bill? Might want to rethink unleashing the power of 70 million Catholic voters when it comes to birth control. Just a thought.
The latest data shows practices of Catholic women are in line with women of other religious affiliations and adult American women in general. "In real-life America, contraceptive use and strong religious beliefs are highly compatible," said the report's lead author Rachel Jones.
"In real life America" huh? Wonder where Bill lives.
Donohue said Catholic officials will stop at nothing to put a stop to it.“This is going to be fought out with lawsuits, with court decisions, and, dare I say it, maybe even in the streets,” Donohue said.
Whoa. OK, Mr. President, we were just thinking we'd goof on old Bill for a while, but he's serious. You'd do well to pay attention here. If not...well look what he did to Miller Brewing, and Wal-Mart. You remember those companies don't you? Plus movies like the Golden Compass and The Ledge, but you probably never saw those because they disappeared from the theaters so quickly.
Catholic leaders hope they will have more sway with the White House than usual because it is a presidential election year, hoping that if even a small percentage of Catholics back Obama’s opponent it could cost him the election.
Yeah, let's puzzle that one out, shall we Bill? You want Obama to join with an organization trying to limit access to healthcare for women, change his mind and take away access he's already promised, or make sure women still have access. What to do, what to do? Oh we know, let's ask the folks at the Susan G. Komen Foundation.
American bishops are contemplating a massive march on Washington, using people and school kids bused in from all over to protest the law.
Hmm...If we're parents and the Bishops come and say lend us your kids for a while we're thinking that's probably gonna be a no go.

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Dr. Jay SW said...

The great irony is the way these people tie being anti-contraception with being "pro-life." The bottom line is that limiting contraception will mean more abortions, whether abortion is legal or not. Anybody who actually opposes abortion because they believe a fetus is the same as a baby, as opposed to wanting to control female sexuality, should be in favor of radically increasing the availability of contraception. This is where the "pro-lifers" show what they're really all about.