Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Hound Blogging

For years now the overlords have maintained that if they could just get the real story out about their heartless exploitation of innocent living creatures for mean about their sport; if they could just overcome the obvious media bias against them; if they could just get the truth out, the public impression of greyhound racing would be vastly different.

Case in point: Did you know that one time at an anti-racing rally one of the animal rights wackos dropped the leash of the greyhound that was with her? Why, at any of the couple of moments before she picked up the leash the dog could have wandered off through the crowd of people all around it who would not have noticed it was trailing a leash and picked it up and gone off to who knows where. Where was the media then, huh? Where were the reporters and tee vee people?

No, not a peep was heard. Instead let some guy kill 30 greyhounds through neglect and cruelty and the media are all over it. Let the word get out about the living conditions of dogs at the Tucson Greyhound Park and right away you have some nosy reporters poking around. Let another track close because no one comes to watch greyhounds risk life and limb so the overlords can make the trailer payment and the newspapers are on it like ugly on a bulldog.

It's pretty obvious what's going on here isn't it? Media bias pure and simple. Want more proof? Check this out:
It's hardly a surprise that Iowa lawmakers are looking at tossing the greyhounds to the dogs. After a start-up boom, Iowa greyhound racing has been a declining industry for years and is kept going by casino revenues.
Right there it is. Right in the first paragraph, "Iowa greyhound racing has been a declining industry for years." See, that's the kind of unsubstantiated rumor reported as fact that the overlords have been fighting against.
At Bluffs Run, for instance, the handle wagered on live dog races was $66.8 million as recently as 1991. That had fallen to a mere $4.3 million in 2010. In Dubuque, a $28.1 million handle in 1991 had declined to $1.6 million in 2010.
Oh sure, anybody can throw numbers around. The overlords can throw numbers around too. Did you know today’s greyhound tracks employ more than 14,000 people with an annual payroll of over $194 million? That's 194 MILLION DOLLARS, man. That's the same as the payroll of the New York Yankees! Well, in 2006, but let's not quibble. How you like overlords now animal rights wackos?
Nationally, the dog-racing scene is in nearly as bad shape. Dog racing was halved between 2002 and 2010, leaving only 23 tracks operating across the country. Jim Carney, a lobbyist for the company that operates Horseshoe, summed it up this way: "Dog racing is (as a) matter of fact dead."
Dead? How can you say dead, man? Sure we pay 14,000 people the same amount as the Yankees paid 25 players in 2006 but that's just because people want to see the Yankees.

Wait, that didn't come out right. Crap. Help us out here Boss.

Bogus Boss is an extremely shy and gentle boy. Since being placed in a quiet foster home he has starting coming out of his shell. He is beginning to enjoy playing with toys and do puppy-like things. He is playful in yard and with other dogs. If you are missing something around the house, you will want to check his bed as he has become a collector of objects. Bogus Boss does spook easily by loud noises and is very shy of new people. Due to his shyness, he had to be moved from the busy foster home with children to a home with a single elderly person.  Bogus Boss would do best in a home with either an elderly person or with a single person or couple with no children. He would do fine in a home with other dogs of any size or as a single dog. He will need to be placed in a home with a person of great patience to understand and work on his shyness. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.

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