Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Hound Blogging

Well, a week has gone by and we've been monitoring the overlord blog that promises to "counter the partial truths and outright lies of Grey2K." Time to reflect on what we've learned so far, to wit: Skechers is still in business, and don't adopt a greyhound from an adoption group that is against racing. Not quite sure what that has to do with the "outright lies of Grey2K," but we did come to the conclusion that the overlord who wrote about Skechers has way too much time on his or her hands and if he or she owns a Thesaurus, someone needs to take it away. Now.

So, we're officially bored. Moving on. It occurs to us that if you're an overlord you have to be feeling a little paranoid right now, and that's not good because paranoia can be a severe mental disorder. Therefore as a public service of the caring individuals here in the marbled halls of IM Central, we are going to use FHB this week to demonstrate to the overlords that their fears are unfounded, and while greyhound racing may not be the most popular way to exploit innocent living creatures for a profit, there is no vast conspiracy against them. So let's start in Arizona where the Tucson Greyhound Park was the scene of the must discussed Skechers ad.
Yesterday, the Arizona Committee on Natural Resources and Transportation voted unanimously in favor of phasing out dog racing in Arizona!
Um...well, look that's just a committee, it's not like the whole Senate voted or anything. Wait. What's that you say? The Senate did vote? And they passed the bill 28 -2?  Yeah, well, bad example. Oh, we know, let's go over to Iowa. They have twice as many tracks as Arizona so they must luuuvs them some greyhound racing.
The Council Bluffs Chamber of Commerce has announced its support of legislation that would lead to ending greyhound racing at tracks in Council Bluffs and Dubuque, Iowa.
 The Chamber of Commerce? Aren't they like the people who are all about business and stuff? Don't they realize what an opportunity they're throwing away here? What a profit center?
Senate Study Bill 1064, which would allow ending greyhound racing in Council Bluffs and Dubuque, would require the two casinos to pay a "relicensing fee" to the state totaling $10 million a year for seven years. Under the proposal, Horseshoe would pay $7.5 million annually and Dubuque's Mystique Greyhound Track would pay $2.5 million a year.
 Oh, so they're thinking they'll get more money if they don't have greyhound racing, huh? Well, a little harsh, sure but it's just business overlords. No need to take it personal or anything. Maybe they really like you, you know, individually and stuff. It's just your business they think is a loser. Come on, cheer up. Let's head to Florida, the center of greyhound racing in the United States. You're bound to get a warm welcome there.
Senate Bill 382 cleared the Regulated Industries Committee on a 6-4 vote. The measure, by Sen. Maria Sachs, D-Delray Beach, would allow dog tracks to discontinue greyhound racing while maintaining their gaming licenses., on the bright side we've at least shown that the overlords do not suffer from paranoia because people really are out to get them. Glad we were able to help, right Rio Dude?

 Rio Dude gets along well with the other dogs in the home. He is good at giving them their space. He lies on his back and wants his belly rubbed. He has learned to do the stairs. He does well in his crate. He has not had any exposure to men or children. Rio Dude would do well with other dogs in the home or as an only dog. He would be fine in a single family home but would probably also do well in a family. Would do well in a home with well-behaved children. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.

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