Tuesday, January 10, 2012

You Say Those Are Sprinkles, But They Look Like Detonators To Me

Sometimes when we're slooshing around the inter toobz we run across a bit of flotsam so perfect, so all encompassing of our times, so inestimably spot on that we can't think of any way to improve on it. Such was the case today when we ran across this headline:

TSA defends confiscation of Mass. woman's cupcake

And that's pretty much all you need to know about the deranged security kabuki we call traveling by air these days isn't it? First of all, they confiscate the cupcake, secondly they defend the confiscation of said dessert item.
The TSA says in a blog comment posted Monday the cupcake was packed in a jar filled with icing, which is considered a gel under a policy designed to secure travelers from terrorists seeking to evade detection by using explosives made of plastics, liquids or gels.
"Look, you gotcher brownies, your cookies, your assorted sugary treats, we don't have a problem with those, but you go coverin' up some confection with a gel of unknown composition, well we just ain't going be puttin' the traveling public at risk like that," commented one TSA agent who asked not to be identified. "We want you to know the $8.1 billion you're spending on airport security is worth it. Plus sometimes we don't get a very long lunch break."

Ah, well that explains why the cupcake in question had to be confiscated. Of course when the bomb sniffing dog licked it, the lady really didn't want it back anyway.

Sleep well Americans. Sleep well in the knowledge that out on the cold and lonely ramparts of civilization the brave TSA agent stands between you and high calorie baked goods.

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A World Quite Mad said...

Groping wasn't enough? They have to deprive passengers of their cake too? {/snark}

Did you hear a while back about the teenage girl that had a *picture* of a gun on her purse. They didn't want to let her take it through security. Yeah. Brilliant job they're doing. Keeping us safe from grannies baking cupcakes and stylish teenage girls sporting the latest fashion.