Thursday, December 02, 2010

If The Walls Of Congress Could Talk, They Wouldn't. They'd Weep.

You know, We really have quite a history of Orator Statesmen here in the good old U S of A. We're talking about people like James Otis and his famous speech against the Stamp Act, or John Adams, starting with his endorsement of George Washington to be Commander in Chief of the Revolutionary Army. Then there are James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Daniel Webster, Henry Clay, Stephen Douglas, etc., etc., etc.

Given that tradition of elocutionary power, imagine our dismay when we awaken this morning to the latest addition to this pantheon of wordsmiths, Representative Steve King (U - nmedicated)

In other news,

US President Barack Obama's Republican foes in the House of Representatives said Wednesday they were disbanding the chamber's committee on battling global warming, calling it a waste of money. "We have pledged to save taxpayers' money by reducing waste and duplication in Congress," said a spokesman for Republican House speaker-designate John Boehner, Michael Steel. "Also ending civilization as we know it."

In case you were wondering, we now have a government of the chronically misinformed by the arrogantly ignorant for the wealthy and well connected.

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Sidhe said...

So unbelievably true. If someone had told me twenty (or so) years ago, while I was an idealistic high schooler sitting in government class, that it would come to this I would have said, "You lie!"