Friday, December 03, 2010

Friday Hound Blogging

We're coming to you today from the Department of Odd Priorities here in the marbled halls of IM Central. The DoOP is a division of the Were You Dropped On You Head As a Child Corporation in partnership with Probably Too Dumb to Come In From The Rain, LLC.

A while back we told you about the good folks at the housing association London and Quadrant and how, after taking over the closed animal exploitation facility greyhound race track they put forth a plan to build some houses and stuff. Well, this upset the local rube population because instead of wandering out of their houses and having about a 50/50 chance of finding the track where they could proceed to lose the rent money, they would now have to take buses to one of the other two tracks in the area.

Now before you go getting all up on your high horse and start in with that elitist "Public transportation is a small price to pay for helping the over 14,000 peoples looking for housing" just take a minute and consider this:
1. Buses require bus fare and that seriously cuts into the money available to lose.
2. Riding the bus requires reading the bus schedule which contains both words and numbers together on the same page. Have you ever looked at one of those babies? It's like Whoa, man I just want spend a little time in the fruitless pursuit of a impossible fantasy paid for with the blood of innocent animals, not read a how to manual for building a nuclear submarine.
That's sort of where we left things back then. The housing people were interested in houses and the rubes were interested in continuing to support the overlords' lifestyle with their government checks. Then few weeks ago the housing people announced a meeting to show the folks the plan they had come up with to develop the area where the track had gone bankrupt because nobody came to it anymore.
Steve Yianni, L&Q Regional Director, said: “Our aim is to create a vibrant, high-quality and desirable place to live, that is also sensitive to the site’s unique character.
 "Unique character." Ha Ha. He's talking about the rubes there. What he's really saying is it's going to be a challenge to get new people to move to a neighborhood already populated with people who don't have teeth.
The announcement from L&Q comes the day after Boris Johnson pledged his support for Walthamstow Stadium as a 'sporting venue'. Mr Johnson's comments will be welcomed by Waltham Forest MPs Stella Creasy and Iain Duncan Smith, who have called on L&Q to negotiate with Bob Morton, a millionaire businessman who has offered to buy the venue and re-introduce racing.
 Um...perhaps you missed the part where Mr. Yianni said he wanted to "create a vibrant, high-quality and desirable place to live." See, you put a greyhound track in the middle of all that and it's sort of like a fart in church, you know? Everyone suffers because of  it, but no one will accept responsibility. Maybe you just need to explain this a little better so let's get everybody together and go over it one more time, OK?

Oh. Guess not.
The owner of Walthamstow Stadium has dramatically cancelled public consultation events on the future of the iconic venue over fears for staff safety. The housing association says its staff felt threatened by members of the Save Our Stow (SOS) campaign during the first consultation event at Christ The King Roman Catholic Church in Chingford Road yesterday. L&Q says it has been in touch with the police and a formal complaint is in the process of being made.
 Oh come on now. We're sure this is all just a misunderstanding. Surely you don't think someone with a third grade education, substance abuse problems and difficulty holding a job would resort to violence simply because there's no socially redeeming value to their position, no economic justification and no moral or ethical argument that can validate the suffering, injury and death of innocent animals just to give them a cheap thrill, do you?
Steve Yianni, L&Q regional director, said: "It is with deep regret that we are postponing these events but we cannot put our own staff's personal safety at risk from those who oppose our plans for redevelopment of the area.
Well, in their defense we have to say that it's likely to set tempers on edge when some outside company comes into a neighborhood and undermines one of the economic focal points of the area.
Mr Yianni added that the stadium was running at a significant loss at the time of its closure and L&Q's research showed half of residents never visited the venue.
Now, all that proves is that half the residents can read, or maybe it proves half the residents were exposed to lead based paints as children. It's all in your perspective, right Karmin?

“Karmin” is confident, friendly, sweet, and affectionate. She wants to be right near her foster mom and will nudge your hand for pets. She is very silly. She will “roo” on occasion. She is very excited when it is dinner time and she will spin in circles. She gets frisky when she sees her toys and at dinner time, but she also calms quickly. Karmin is an energetic, strong girl who loves to gallop around in the yard or go for a walk everyday. She is a quick learner and a ‘velcro’ dog. Karmin would do well in a working family home with well-mannered children. She is good with other dogs and she would probably be fine as an only dog with in a home that has a family member home most of the time. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.


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