Monday, December 06, 2010

Democrats! Motto: Our Opinion Has Been Duly Noted, And Ignored

Ah, deliberation, consensus, compromise, the three hallmarks of a healthy democracy. Yes sir, the Founding Father knew the value of principled men debating and defending their views, and in fact we have a great history of famous orators going head to head to determine the direction of this great land. The creation of a standing army, The Missouri Compromise, The Lincoln Douglas Debates, the list goes on and on. Well, until today.
An outline of a bipartisan economic package is emerging that would temporarily extend the Bush-era rates for all taxpayers, while extending jobless benefits for millions of Americans.
OK, we're not professional rhetoricians or anything, but we really don't think compromise means what the democrats think it means.  See, when you agree to extend the rich tax cuts "temporarily" and shortly after the "temporarily" begins the republicans take over majority control of the House, you really have changed "temporarily" into "permanent." Now it's true the first two letters of compromise are the same as the first two letters of collapse and concede, but  you guys are just down the street from the Library of Congress fer chrissakes. Couldn't somebody check out a dictionary or something?

"I think most folks believe the recipe would include at least an extension of unemployment benefits for those who are unemployed because even republicans aren't stupid enough to let four million people be thrown in the street, but if the democrats want to increase the deficit seven billion a year to let us keep the rich in yachts, well, who are we to say no?" said Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona, the Senate's Republican negotiator in the talks.

Just watchin' out for his homies, what?

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell on Sunday said discussions are still under way on a variety of unresolved issues. "We're trying to convince the democrats that it's really inconvenient for them to have positions because that just means we have to take more time out of our day convincing them to abandon them before we can get on with our agenda," he added.

The short-term tax and spending debate is unfolding even as Congress and the Obama administration confront growing anxieties over the federal government's growing deficits. "We put two wars on the credit card back when we ran everything," Senator Kyl said. "Now just because people are out of a job and losing their houses they think we need to do something. What are we, made of money?"

You never were made of money, dude. Just ask the Chinese.

The movement toward a possible collapse came after Republicans blocked Democratic efforts in the Senate Saturday to extend the current tax rates on all but the highest income levels.
A bill that almost 75% of voters want.
For Obama, the deal would mean relinquishing, at least for now, his long-held view that only middle-class voters should continue to benefit from Bush-era tax cuts.
Wait. Obama has a long held view? Does Senator McConnell know about this? Was this approved by the republican office of authorized democratic positions?

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Anonymous said...

Not only have Democrats' opinions been noted and ignored, we have abandoned, once again, our children.
We are stil at 25th in Math in the World all due to no resources for public schools and teachers.
China is ahead of the game because they understand where brilliance takes you. And they want to put their money into a future that is competitive with other Nations. Republicans don't want to take you anywhere except into their coal mines and into their oil-polluted bayous for THEIR benefit. "Brilliance" works against their agendas because then they would have to admit that Global Warming exists and that they are all indeed, crooked and rich, because of it!
Back to "Adam and Eve" is where they want to keep you and their constant harping about "God" and "Hell", makes sure you can be "comfortable" only there.
Big reason why so many Republican assholes don't even have a passport!Their world revolves simply around Texas-Virginia-California and off -shore accounts.
Shanghai is NUMBER ONE in education.
Republicans can"t even point it out on a map!
And the 2% of the wealthiest Americans refuse to THANK the "little people" who put them there by paying the proper taxes and helping give THEM a chance?
How much more of a disgusting country do you want?