Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh, Like Passing A Law Will Make a Difference

Hey, we have health care now. Well, except those that don't. Does anyone know what the cut off age is for the death panels? Probably ought to pay attention to that, you are getting up there you know. Anyway, now that the democrats have decided to listen to people who can read, republicans have begun phase two of their program to protect the returns of investors who own stock in the insurance companies and that means totally ignoring the best interests of the people, the Constitution, the Federal Government, McCulloch v. Maryland and just about anyone, or anything else that harshes their Glenn Beck mellow.

Here in Michigan the task of making sure health care remains out of reach for people who have chosen to be poor and sick has fallen to state Representative  Tom McMillin. 

McMillin says he's being joined by Tea Party groups and grassroots organization leaders in kicking off a petition drive to put a measure on the November ballot that could ask Michigan voters whether they want to exempt the state from the federal health care overhaul. "Do you have any idea what will happen to America if poor people get well enough to vote?" McMillin asked. "Next they'll be wanting things like living wages, affordable housing, good schools. Cripes! There'll be no end to it if they figure out government is supposed to be responsive to the needs of the people."

McMillin says organizers will seek the needed 381,000 valid signatures by July 5. "It's going to be a challenge convincing people they need to keep paying big co-pays, keep getting dropped when they get sick, and not be able to get coverage for their kids who have pre-existing conditions but we're talking about people who think the Chinese are coming for old people, so I think we've got a shot."

Last week, a Republican-backed resolution to give Michigan voters the final say failed to advance in the Republican controlled state Senate."Yeah, that really surprised me," McMillin said. "Must have caught us on a day where everybody took their medication or something."

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Seeing Eye Chick said...

I have said this before, and I will ask it again:

How is it, that out of all the first world countries with regulated drug costs and healthcare coverage, that insures all citizens and in some countries even people who are not citizens---how does this affect the profit margin for the multi-national corporations responsible for producing drugs and insuring health care?

It seems to me that its very likely that America's deregulated, wild west scenario has made sure that the exorbant prices, ridiculous nonrules that allow cutting people off in the middle of cancer treatments and refusing insurance from there on out, eliminating risk for companies, but spreading the overall cost to every American citizen--is in fact bankrolling the rest of the first world profits.

And Republicons have the audacity to decry that socialism in the attempt trying to protect our interests at home rather than bankrolling interests abroad?


I am with you I.M. We are listening to people who can actually read.

I am sick to death of the Cut and Run tactics of Insurance agencies and the GOP. They are not watching out for voters. They are mouthpieces for people who make money in America, from America, but who are not actually invested in the wellfare of America or Americans. Some are most likely not even citizens.