Monday, August 24, 2009

Get Thee To Dearborn Satan!

We've been trying to figure out what would cause people to vote against their own self interests, besides lack of oxygen at birth we mean. Take health care for example, you would think people would be all for finding a way to make sure everyone could count on being able to get help if they were sick without having to sell their children. And you'd further think that a government run program might be the best way to do that because government is like, responsible to the people, not the investors, or the CEO's bonus, so under a government plan you're more likely to be actually treated if you're ill rather than classified as a bad investment.

Then it struck us that perhaps these people aren't really against health care, they just don't trust the government to do it right. A reasonable position thinks us, but we wonder why the last eight years of the Bush administration deficit spending us into a depression funding an unnecessary war didn't catch their attention sooner. Maybe there was a Jerry Springer marathon on the tee vee or something, we don't know.

Well, we all know a government program is only as efficient as the people who run it and that's where we here in the Great Lakes State are lucky because we have a plethora of talented, intelligent, committed individuals willing to step forward and serve the public. Take Glenn Moon here, running for City Council in Livonia, Michigan. He has a plan to rescue the city financially, while improving city services and he's lined up some big names to help him out, right Glenn?

OK, now you may think making all the city employees work for a dollar a year is a bit too much of a sacrifice what with them having to pay mortgages, bills, eat and stuff, but look what the city is getting for that: All human souls come to god; the litter problem of improperly disposed of fetuses found on ground and human constructed ground surface solved; and elimination of imposition of self upon neighbor peace disturbance. We're not real sure what that means, but it doesn't sound like something that would attract businesses and residents to the city.

Let's Go Livonia!



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M-O-O-N; THat spells crazy ass theocratists!

Take that Stephen King. Children of Christ OR... Children of the Corn, you be the judge!