Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Does Fox News Do A Blog?

Regular readers of this blog...you were expecting a zinger, weren't you? Go on, admit it. You think this blog has become predictable. You think the spark has gone out of our relationship. We've seen the way you look at other blogs. We're not blind you know. You could put a little effort into this too, you know. Why are we always the ones who do the work? Why are we always the ones who have to carry the conversation? You just come in here, plop down and throw your feet up and expect to be entertained. When's the last time you left a comment, huh? When's the last time you even cared? We just...it's...sorry, give us a minute.

Well, anyway, where were we? Oh, yeah. Regular readers of this blog will remember that on the odd occasion we like to poke a little good hearted fun at state legislators. There's Virginia, for example, and Kansas, and South Carolina and, well Virginia, and...erm...Virginia. OK, moving right along, the point is, life here in the winter water wonderland is not without its, how shall we say, legislative high jinks and wackiness.

After a post went up on Blogging For Michigan about the wrong-doings of one of Michigan state senate majority leader Mike Bishop's cronies, out-of-touch Senator Bruce Patterson, Bishop's Chief of Staff Matt Miner, called Secretary of the Senate Carol Viventi and instructed her to block access to all blogs from the Senate offices. "It's just not right that Mr. Patterson's cynical attack on universities be subjected to this kind of scrutiny." Miner said. "I mean, come on, he got elected fair and square. Why should you care what he does now?"

After quickly realizing that all blogs also included the blogs on the Republican leaning, The Detroit News, they specifically only blocked Blogging for Michigan. "'Blocking' is such a harsh word," Miner said. "We prefer to call it selective acceptance."

Hmm...nice try, but what else you got?

The story, according to Bishop, was that the site was run by Democratic Senate staffers. "This is a political ploy by the democrats to make the do nothing republican senate look like it does nothing. Wait, let me rephrase that."

OK, you think about that senator Bishop. Got anything to add Mr. Miner?

"I don't think it's appropriate," Miner said. "I'm not blocking them (blogs) all because some are informational, like the ones I agree with. Oh, and puppies. Those puppy blogs are really cute."

Careful, you may have just alienated the cat vote. What about you Matt Marsden, spokesperson for Senate Majority Leader Bishop, what's your take on all this?

The site is of "questionable political matter" and "overtly political." Surfing such a site "is an unacceptable use of state time and funds," Mr. Marsden said. When asked to define "questionable political matter," Mr. Masden replied that anything that "says bad things about us" is questionable. "Senator Bishop is very sensitive, " Masden said. "He cries at movies all the time."

Yeah. Movies like Roger and Me, The Corporation, Who Killed The Electric Car. Real tear jerkers. Anyway, it turns out this whole thing is much ado about nothing because senator Bishop caved and unblocked Blogging for Michigan saying it was all just a big misunderstanding. "When the republicans in Washington did away with the constitution, we thought that we could do that too. Turns out voiding the first amendment is a federal power. Boy, do we have egg on our faces."

Yeah. Well, take your time cleaning it off because the state runs out of money October 1, and while the democratic governor has been trying to get the republican senate to do something about the budget, they've been on vacation and are only planning on being in session nine days in September.

Virginia is starting to look pretty good.

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