Thursday, August 10, 2006

144,000 People Were Wrong. It Could Happen

OK, yesterday we learned that Democrats plan to take back the congress by Today we learn that the Republicans think that Democrats being elected is good for them.

It used to take most of a bottle of Stoli to alter our reality that much.

Republicans began a concerted effort to use Mr. Lieberman’s defeat to portray Democrats as weak on national defense, reprising a theme that they made central to the last two national campaigns. "When the democratic voters in Connecticut elected a Democratic candidate, they sent a clear message to the terrorists," said Ken Mehlman, the chairman of the Republican National Committee.

“It’s an unfortunate development, I think, from the standpoint of the Democratic Party, to see a man like Lieberman pushed aside because of his willingness to support an endless war that will bankrupt the country and mortgage the future of several generations yet to come,while enriching my already rich friends at Halliburton," Mr. Cheney said in a telephone interview.

Mr. Lieberman dismissed the significance of the supportive words from the vice president. "Don't read too much into that," Lieberman told reporters. "The Republicans really don't like me. Especially Cheney. He invited me to go hunting with him. Twice."

Most Democrats said they would not pressure Mr. Lieberman to step aside for now, saying he was too angered by his loss to accept such counseling. "Well, angry may not be the right word," said Christopher Dodd, Connecticut’s other senator. "Deluded maybe, or clueless, baffled, mystified, lycanthropic, suffering from ignis fatuus, delerious, irrational, demented, unhinged, yeah, any one of those will do."

Additionally, the Republicans do not have a strong candidate who could take advantage of a fractured Democratic field. "I think everyone knows the best Republican in the field right now is Joe Lieberman," said Democratic national chairman, Howard Dean.

"What you are seeing is the beginning of the end of the Republicans, because a lot of this was a referendum on George Bush’s policies." Dean said. "And who better to represent those failed policies than Joe Lieberman, three term Democratic Senator from Connecticut."

Charles Schumer the head of the Democratic committee for the Senate agreed. “The perception was that he was too close to George Bush, especially with that whole kissy face thing going on. That still gives me the shudders.”

“That’s not my fault,”Lieberman said. “The Democratic party is not criticizing me for being totally out of touch with my constituency, well, with reality actually, they are criticizing democratic voters for the way they voted. Idiots. Why do I have to bother with them anyway? The president doesn't.”

Yeah. Where do democratic voters get off voting for a Democrat. What a bunch of turncoats.

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