Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Romney/Ryan 2012! Motto: If We Win 47% Of You Will Have To Move To Canada

OMG!! OMG!! OMFG!!!11!!!1! It's the whitey tape.

Wait, that's not Michelle Oblackma. That's M. Mittington Mitteroy III. Jeeves! Cut the power to the servants' quarters. If they see this there'll be hell to pay.

Now here's our question: how could anyone except some dissolute millionaire who lives in a gated community somewhere even half way consider the idea of voting for this walking bag of scorpion droppings? The melanin infused races figured this out long ago, but even if you're a Bubba, if you're getting social security, or are on medicare, our are just working some crap job somewhere and occasionally getting food stamps because you get laid off all the time, you've got to know this guy doesn't give a rat's ulcerated rectum about you, and if by some mystery of the universe he gets elected is not going to lift an expensively manicured finger to help you and most likely will back policies that make your pitiful life even worse.

Bonus douchebaggery: Mitt says his comments are accurate but not elegantly stated. How do you elegantly tell a senior citizen who worked all his or her life and lives on a pension now and pays no income tax that he or she is a whiny victim reliant on government handouts and by implication an irresponsible leech on your bank balance?

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