Friday, July 28, 2006

Friday Hound Blogging

Rut Ro. Looks like that pesky math has sneaked up and bit the overlords. Again.

The Arizona Department of Racing is investigating allegations that 100 to 200 greyhounds that had recently raced at Tucson Greyhound Park have gone missing. "These concerns are serious enough for us to look into," said Geoffrey Gonsher, director of the Department of Racing, which regulates greyhound racing in Arizona.

"They've got to be around here someplace," said a track representative. "Have you looked in the kennel? Oh, yeah. The empty cages. That's how come we knew they were gone in the first place. Never mind."

The dogs in question are not owned by Tucson Greyhound Park, but instead by kennels. Tucson Greyhound Park uses a Colorado-based trainer to haul the dogs to their next destinations, said Tony Fasulo, the park's chief operating officer. Efforts to reach the trainer were unsuccessful. "Yeah. He gets lost a lot. The last time we sent him to Colorado he ended up in New Hampshire," Fasulo said. "I'm sure once we find him we'll find the dogs."

Efforts to reach Chris McConnell, general manager for Tucson Greyhound Park, were unsuccessful. "Did you look in the kennel?" Fasulo asked.

The allegations of missing dogs from Tucson have been circulating among greyhound advocates since winter, said Susan Netboy, president of the Greyhound Protection League, a national advocacy group. "They (the dogs) haven't appeared where individuals were told they were supposed to arrive," she said. "They did not arrive at their destination, to the best of our knowledge."

Netboy said she contacted the Colorado Division of Racing about the missing dogs in February and requested a formal investigation. After several months the investigation was made inactive because of a lack of witnesses, according to a June 1 letter sent to Netboy from Colorado Division of Racing.

Boy, looks like everybody's gone missing, huh Harley?

Harley will greet everyone he meets with a wagging tail. Even when he is enjoying a meal his tail wags. When he seeks attention from you he will put his head right into you so you have no choice but to pet him. He is a happy boy who enjoys playing with his dog toys. He is very much the typical greyhound shadow with his foster family. Harley would do ok with a working family home who can come home midday to let him out. He gets along fine with other dogs but will also do ok as an only dog with a family who will exercise him everyday. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.

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Michelle Young Cuenant said...

I think I saw a comment of yours awhile back that was outstanding concerning John Parker...correct me if I am wrong. He sticks it to everybody on the Greyhound List...and continues his push & shove offline. What is interesting about John is that he did have a big blog or newsletter or something really, really pushing for the Greyhounds to be "lean" when baiting them and always to have defibrillators around...even two! John loves getting them all frenzied up for speed and entertainment. He's a good Southern boy. The next time you want to ask John some more questions, ask how many Greyhounds does he know of that died from heat stroke, broken legs, electrocutions and heh...even a bullet. (Clubs are cheaper but they spoil your t-shirts.)Then the math game really begins...multiply it by a million.
Michelle Young Cuenant

Michelle Younf Cuenant