Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Meet The New Lie, Same As The Old Lie

Well, this is interesting. Just when everybody, including the press, (motto: What? He was lying?) have figured out that there were no WMD’s, no Hussein/bin Laden connection, no role for Iraq in the September 11 attacks, basically no reason to invade Iraq, along comes Move America Forward with an ad campaign that um…repurposes some of the initial…um…er…miscalculations…yeah, miscalculations that led to the war.

“We don’t think the president carried off the whole gotta invade Iraq campaign very well at all,” said Sal Russo, one of the group's three founders.. So we have repackaged the…er…truthoids. We’re calling it Operation Same O Same O and our slogan is ‘half-truths viewed twice become whole truths. “

“See, whenever the president would get caught in an lie…er…or as we like to call them a ‘W’s Mangled Distortions’ he would just totally abort and move on to the next ‘WMD. What we’re doing is putting all the WMD’s out there at once and hoping we can scare the bejebus out of people like it did the first time. We’re trying to get Secretary Rice to bring back that mushroom cloud line.”

When asked to explain why the group was launching their program now, Russo replied that it was “basic marketing. Look. We just got through the holidays, people are just getting over the war on Christmas, all the press has been about Republican scandals lately so we’re figuring most of the people have forgotten why we’re in Iraq.”

Russo explained that funding for the campaign would come from the grassroots. “We figure if there are people out there stupid enough to believe this stuff the second time around, there are people out there stupid enough to give us money.”

The White House didn't return several calls seeking comment. A Republican National Committee spokesman declined to comment. "Even we think these guys are whackos," said an RNC official who declined to be identified.

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