Thursday, August 18, 2005

Reed Buks And You'll Be Smart Like Me

Oh, so you think the president is actually vacationing during his vacation? Think again. Laura is making him read books. By himself. And not out loud either.

Bush took three heavy books with him on his five-week stay at his Texas ranch, each about 500 pages long. "That's more than I read all the time I was in college," Bush said.

When asked for the titles of the books Bush responded that he hadn't gotten that far yet, but had discovered that the books contained "precious little" pictures and the type was "real small."

At the daily press conference White House spokesperson Scott McClellan said the president preferred fiction to memos and briefings. "All those foreign names and places are hard for him to pronounce," McClellan said.

"He was planning to read I Am Charlotte Simmons again," McClellan said, "but some of the pages were stuck together." McClellan also said there was no truth to the rumor that Bush had requested a copy of My Pet Goat because he hadn't had a chance to finish it.

Bush often takes books with him on vacation. Earlier this year he read Mountain Biking for Dummies and How to Profit from the Coming Environmental Disaster.

"The president is really a pretty intellectual fellow," Press Secretary McClellan said. "You should see how he cleans up playing Trivial Pursuit with the twins."

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