Monday, August 15, 2005

He Ain't No Terrist. He Was A Borned Here

OK, so we've been holding on to enemy combatants, suspected terrorists and parking violators for what, three years now? And how many have been convicted and sentenced again?

"Actually convicting someone isn't the point," said Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez. "We just want to send the message that if you even think about doing something to this country you're going away for a long time."

Well, unless you're Charles Dreyling.

In a sworn affidavit Dreyling told FBI agents the device discovered in his carry-on bag at the Oklahoma City Airport was ‘basically a pipe bomb.’ Dreyling told agents he had learned how to make homemade explosive devices from web sites such as ‘The Anarchist’s Cook Book.’ In the affidavit Dreyling explained how he built and detonated several pipe bombs in the past for ‘recreational purposes.’ "I like blowing things up," Dreyling said.

So, you're thinking this guy is about to get an all expense paid vacation to the Hotel Federal' right? Well, let's just hold on a minute there Lady Justice.

The college student has received the support of former Oklahoma City Mayor Kirk Humphries. Humphries was in federal court in the front row with Dreyling’s parents. "Just look at that boy, your honor," Humphries said to the judge. "He can't be a terrorist. Why he's white as a plate of rice."

Humphries said Dreyling had just been down at Lake Eufala and had the pipe bomb with him, but he never detonated it and had just "thrown it back into his bag and forgot about it. We had been doing some fishing and that one was just left over."

Apparently, Humphries' testimony on behalf of Dreyling was effective because It took US Magistrate Gary Purcell just 30 minutes to decide to release Dreyling into the custody of his parents. "Well, you sure don't look like no terrorist to me, boy," Purcell said. "And it's not like you were trying to blow up the courthouse or anything. Besides, I think you and me go to the same church.

Dreyling must relinquish his Home Depot credit card, make a $10,000 contribution to Humphries' senate campaign, stay on his block between 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. and he must not visit any airports unless accompanied by an adult.

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