Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wall Street Journal! Motto: Speaking For Those Who Can Speak For Themselves Since 1889

We're coming to you today from the Department of Don't Get Out Much here in the marbled halls of IM Central. The DODGOM is a division of the Other Side Of The Tracks Company, a wholly owned subsidy of Flyover Country, Inc.

So we're perusing a purloined copy of the Wall Street Journal because we like to keep up on how much more enjoyable working folks have been able to make life for their betters by taking on all the tax burdens, fighting the wars and making sure that the old, the sick and the poor stay quietly out of sight when one of them rolls by in the Limo on the way to look at yachts, when what should to our wandering eye should appear, but this graphic:

Ostensibly, the article was an analysis of the effects of the Kenyan Usurper's tax plan of the yeoman class here in the World's Beacon of Freedom and Justice. Now, by way of background here, let us point out that for a time we were the unfortunate residents of a single parent household during which our sainted mother, a trained laboratory technician, traded her time for money with The Man so yours truly wouldn't have to attend the local educorporate training facility naked and hungry.

We tell you that because even though the aforementioned sainted mother was a college trained professional, her wages did not come anywhere close to those of the single parent example given by the professional journalistic journalists at the Wall Street Journal. (And you know they have to be good, because they've got "Journal" right there in the name) Further, since the boss is on vacation today and there's no one to watch us, we did a little Googling in between surfing the Scarlett Johansson bikini sites and found out that the average single parent household income is $25, 172, or about 1/10 of what the fortunate lady in the Wall Street Journal graphic makes.

The other thing that caught our eye was the retired couple, and not because they appear to be the token minority, but because their income for not working is substantially higher then the combined incomes of all gainfully employed residents of IM Central, whom we might add toil in professional careers for which several years of college training were required.

And, as we are part of a married couple, don't even get us started on what those folks are pulling down except to ask, is the sale of any controlled substance involved?

And finally, let us say that were we not part of a married couple filing jointly, we would certainly be interested in making the acquaintance of the "single person," as her income pretty much makes her a denizen of the 1% club which we've determined we're never going to get into except maybe as the guest of a member.

Now, on a personal note we'd like to admit to a certain amount of sadness as we look at this snapshot of Mainstream Americans and do not see our faces anywhere in it. All these years we've been percolating along thinking that we were part of the great American family, part of the muscle powering the body economic that brings us things like double bacon cheeseburgers and Thursday night football, and now it turns out we are just fat cells to those who make up the backbone of this great nation, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Of course the other possibility is that Wall Street Journal writers are so out of touch with the country they are writing about they might as well have their offices on the moon.

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