Friday, June 01, 2012

Friday Hound Blogging

You know, if you were to take the time to look over our little bloggy oeuvre it would very soon occur to you that you need more to do...erm...we mean it would become obvious to you that we aren't what you might call the most religious people in the world. In fact, at certain points in our blogging career we have been referred to as irreligious. Or maybe that was irrelevant, we're a bit foggy. Anyway, the point is that yesterday we had a Road to Damascus moment and it became as clear to us as the ice in our glass of Stoli that there is in fact a god, and he (or she, or both we guess. Or neither. It is god after all) has a wicked, wicked sense of humor.

First a little background. Frequent reader(s) of this blog understand that entropy is the universe's ultimate trump card...uh...we mean will recognize the name George Carney, overlord extraordinaire and frequent subject of this blog. Mr. Carney is the overlord's overlord in Massachusetts, or was until he ran into one Christine Dorchak aka The Evil Sorceress Of Evil who cast her spell (which was evil btw) over the good people of Massachusetts and caused them to go zombie-like to the polls and vote to end greyhound racing in his state. The nerve, right? Well, that's not the half of it. Christine Dorchak aka The Evil Sorceress Of Evil is now loose upon the land and everywhere she goes, from Florida to Arizona it seems overlords are turning into frogs. Coincidence? We think not.

Now, here's the part where god comes in: George Carney created Christine Dorchak. That's right, if it wasn't for George Carney there would be no Christine Dorchak, there would be no Grey2K, there would be no vast underworld army of dark minions about the land doing her bidding. Flying monkeys would not suddenly appear at greyhound tracks and carry off the overlords' profit centers, never to be seen again. Oddly enough there would still be a Carey Theil, but that's a post for another blog.

See what we mean? That Yahweh, is he a scamp or what? Or maybe he's a she, or neither, or both look the point is this couldn't have just happened. And how do we know it happened? Christine told us.
I decided to become a lawyer. This would never have been possible unless good fortune had smiled on me. I was awarded a full scholarship to attend the New England School of Law in 2001. Since I had no money, this was the only way I could ever have succeeded. Ironically, my tuition was paid for by a local track owner who happened to be on the board of the school. (How grateful I was that he did not learn of this until the night before graduation!)
And who was that "local track owner?" You guessed it, George Carney. Want more proof? Check it:

That distinguished looking white haired gentleman in the center of the picture is none other than Mr. George Carney himself, and standing right in front of him is THE EVIL SORCERESS OF EVIL who  is no doubt smiling her evil smile.

Now, you might ask why Mr. Carney doesn't just burst into flames at that moment what with the Evil Sorceress of Evil being right there in all her evil glory and whatnot, and in response we say FOOLS! Why does a cat play with a mouse before devouring it? Why does a lion stalk the wildebeest for hours before leaping on it and ripping out its throat with one vicious bite from its razor teeth? Why does the eagle circle majestically over the stream while the salmon swims obliviously below, unaware of its impending doom?

Why did Christine Dorchak take her newly minted law degree (paid for so graciously by Mr. George Carney) and almost immediately
drafted the Greyhound Protection Act. This became the ballot language which prohibited dog racing in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 2008. The question passed and the greyhounds had won!
Because god knows how to make the ironicus most maximus, right  Freezing It Off?

He is a very sweet, gentle, happy boy. He loves attention. He loves to go for walks, run in the yard and play with toys. He also loves to play in the kiddie pool. He is housebroken and does not mind being in his crate. He would do best in a home with another dog to play with. He would do well in a home with older well-behaved children. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.

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Karyn Zoldan said...

I love happy endings like this. It almost makes me believe there is a dog spelled backwards.