Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You Know Who Else Liked To Be Tickled Besides Elmo? Hitler

So, we're slooshing through the intertoobz searching for "No prescription needed" when what to our wandering eyes should appear but: Iowa senator compares preschool to Nazi indoctrination.

Well, of course he does, thinks us. After all, what else could he say? "Iowa needs job growth?" "We need to restore basic services to out citizens?" "We need to balance the budget with a comprehensive package of tax increases and program cuts?" Of course not. Not when there's fascists in the in the toy chest.
Republican Sen. Mark Chelgren said it’s parents’ responsibility to teach young children. “It is not the role of this government to take that away from families and replace it with an indoctrination process by teachers,” Chelgren, a freshman senator from Ottumwa, said shortly after the Senate gaveled in for the afternoon.
OK. Considering that with legislators like Markie in charge it won't be long before neither parent has a job making it much easier for them to carry out that "responsibility." Course, the fact that they'll be living in a refrigerator box under the highway will present some unique challenges. Hey, we know. The first lesson can be about representative government and how it is responsive to the needs of the people.
Chelgren took to the microphone again to explain that his statement was “not against preschool,” but “about a parent’s prerogative to make decisions about their children.”
Yeah. So when you accuse teachers of indoctrinating children, you're really talking about "prerogatives?"  Did you graduate from the Sarah Palin school of public speaking?
“Every argument made about preschool could be made about pre-preschool and pre-pre-preschool and as far back as you want to go until the day they are taken,” Chelgren said.
Oh. Um...thanks for clearing that up.

Wait a minute, wait a minute. We missed this the first time we read the article: "Chelgren, a freshman senator from Ottumwa, said shortly after the Senate gaveled in for the afternoon." That explains a lot. Some "freshman senator from Ottumwa" must have had lunch with his two favorite constituents, Jack Daniels and Jim Beam. Please read the warning labels on your medication bottles Representative Chelgren.


Anonymous said...

You know Ironicus, it is really a very sad case of America totally crumbling. And we see it happening, steadily, day by day.
When golf courses cater to the extremely rich like Rupert Murdoch or Ted Turner and all the Mitt Romneys, with Health Care, and billions in banks overseas, with submarines,for all their own "agendas",we now actually document them dealing with international terrorists. And it is the heroin, and the ricin, and all the plans with the Europeans and their friends, the Chechens. And of course, to make even more profitable situations, for these billionaires, they deal in arms, El Salvador way. And that is how it keeps going. Because they are fuelled by not only violence, but pedophilia, in their violence. And what better way to keep the poor , poor, than to never want to educate or make them grow too. To constantly refuse help like in centuries before, with Kings and Queens who despised them all. And what better way than to make them all addicts, with no hope, no escape, unless of course, they enlist in your very own armies. And when they do, they are forever, on hold, and they are roped into such nightmarish lives of battle, few come out "alive". And to give you a few examples, we can use the United States Air Force slogans, just "for thought".
"No-one Comes Close".
"Aim High".
"Cross in the Blue".
"Do Something Amazing".
"Above All".
And this is where it gets so frightening.
Because there are never apologies.
Only wars.

Seeing Eye Chick said...

Thank you very much for covering this unfortunate story. You have given me a piece of a puzzle--Happy Friday Hound Blogging IM!