Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Hound Blogging

Sir Issac Newton taught us that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.Well, taught you maybe. Physics was never a major interest of ours except for the ballistics part when we got to build a catapult. It was just a desktop catapult, but still, that poor science teacher learned an important lesson about adolescent boys and the ability to launch projectiles in an enclosed area. We heard he took a job as a long haul truck driver after he finished his therapy. On the bright side, the Principal learned never to walk into a classroom without knocking first.

We tell you this because it seems Sir Issac's law is also applicable to the overlords. See, for the last, oh we don't know, twenty years or so, they've been taking a beating from people who have souls due to the fact that to be an overlord means you are basically a tick on the body of society. Now, we don't mean to insult ticks or anything, but you have to admit, when you take the oldest breed of dog there is, a dog who has been the companion of Pharaohs and Kings, a dog celebrated in literature and art, and you turn it into a commodity just so you can avoid working for a living, then, when that dog has given you everything it has you toss it aside like yesterday's newspaper, or worse, well, you got to believe that's going to upset some folks.

Anyway, enough is enough of that stuff, and now the overlords are pushing back. First of all, they want us to know they have standards:
PLANS to sponsor greyhound races as part of the Australian Sex Party’s Broadmeadows by-election campaign have landed the party in the dog house. The party, which is fielding candidate Merinda Davis in the February 19 Broadmeadows by-election, was told yesterday by Greyhound Racing Victoria it could not sponsor two races at this Saturday’s meeting at the Broadmeadows Greyhound Club.
Well, there you go then. We'll let the dogs get horribly injured, we'll starve them, we'll abandon them, we'll sell them for medical research, we'll even kill them, but expose them to nekked people? No way.

After all, greyhound racing is "a golden opportunity."
It never ceases to amaze me how people locally seem too often first focus on the negative. To me this project would give another first class leisure facility to Towcester and give a much-needed boost to the local economy.
Oh speak it brother man. We mean, sure dogs are going to endure heartless cruelty and meaningless death, sure people are going to lose the rent money and end up eating cat food in a refrigerator box, and sure the government is probably going to end up subsidizing the whole shebang like it does everywhere else, but is that any reason to back away from a "first class leisure facility?"
Yes there are some obstacles to be overcome...
A few, we would say, but we need to forget about the mindless noise made by negative souls”.
LONG-time Murwillumbah greyhound enthusiast Cyril Boylett has urged towns- people to welcome a plan for a modern greyhound track as great news for small business, tourism and the community.
Darn straight. It's a well known fact that Social Security recipients, the disabled and people on fixed incomes often travel the world in search of the excitement of greyhound racing. It's a cash cow, man!
Mr Boylett said he and other trainers were devoted to their greyhounds.
“We have two old brood bitches that live mainly in the house,” he said.
Ha! Well there it is then. Is there any stronger testament to the commitment the overlords make to the dogs. We mean, this guy's been in greyhound racing for thirty years or more. He's gone through hundreds of dogs, and two of them sort of live in the house. What more needs to be said huh Opie? 

Opie is a happy-go-lucky guy who is still young at heart. He is friendly, trusting, affectionate, and playful. He follows the foster dad everywhere. He will put his front legs on the bed in the morning and paw at you to be petted. Opie looks especially cute when he is feeling very alert and points both ears straight up with just the tips curled over. He also loves to sit when he thinks he hears someone near the cookie jar. Opie would do well as an only dog or with other dogs. He has lots of energy for a senior and appreciates going for a walk or playing outside. He would be happy in a working family, or one that is home more often. He would probably do well with well-mannered children. He loves to be outside, so a family that would include him in outdoor activities would be great. His size would allow him to fit well in a smaller home or condo. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.

Silver update: Silver's Vet check was perfect, all shots up to date, teeth cleaned and ready for some serious couch time.

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Nancy said...

Once again, you never disappoint! Your posts are the highlight of my Friday, one I eagerly look forward to. A chance to laugh and marvel at your artistry. Another awesome post. And a pointed telling of the real story.

And Opie? Looks like my Berry. Very precious.