Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Just Wondering

Hey, remember Wikileaks? Didn't all the media tell us that supposed to be the end of civilization as we knew it? Weren't we all supposed to have been overrun by screaming hordes of anarchists, or socialists or something because someone actually reported stuff the government didn't want reported, you know like journalism and whatnot? Did that happen, because we really haven't been paying attention. Did the terrorists win?

We have to believe something like that would have made the papers, but sometimes we only read the comics so it's possible the collapse of western democracy could have slipped by us. We quit following the story after Sarah Palin chased all the hackers off her porch and back to Russia, because when it's no longer about Sarah, it's no longer news.

Did anybody ever figure out if Jullian Assange was the anti-christ, or is it still Obama?

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scripto said...

Neither - the Antichrist is Lindsay Lohan. I have proof. And it's Scriptural.