Wednesday, January 06, 2010

On The Bright Side, We Kick Butt At Bible Trivia

So, it turns out science students in the US come in 20th place in international competition, right behind Iceland, a country that is bankrupt.

And you're thinking, "Gosh darned kids. How we ever going to get flying cars if they don't know a molecule from a Winnebago?"

Well, we're here to tell you reader(s). It ain't the kids. It's the teachers.
A Brooklyn principal has reprimanded a sixth-grade science teacher for selling students a book that tells how to "recognize those serving Satan and bring them to Jesus."
"In his defense, the book does use the inquiry method," said Education Department spokeswoman Marge Feinberg. "To be satan you had to answer yes to five or more questions like, Do you think women are equal to men? Have you ever voted democratic? 'Are you a homo?' stuff like that."
The book follows a God-fearing doctor who wins over a Devil-worshiping young woman.
"See, the lead character is a doctor," Feinberg said. "That's sciency, right?"

In a related story, Brit Hume has accepted a position as 10th grade Physics teacher at PS 43 in Bedford Stuyvesant.

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Anonymous said...

"Evil Axis"
"Satanic Regimes".
Only idiots continue this kind of rhetoric and merely for monetary gains.
There is nothing "christian" in condemning gays, despising people for their different faiths and ridiculing civilizations, some thousands of years old, devoted to their rich cultures and their sacred gods.
When will Americans learn that USA was just recently "born" and on a "rampage of faith" that killed for territory, expansionism, and wealth.
We can no longer be in a time warp. These "despised" nations are rapidly catching up if only in information. And it is this very sort of information which will be America's downfall, if not its complete obliteration.