Monday, January 04, 2010

Ironicus Maximus, January 4, 2010. Use With Caution

We have just run across what we believe to be the stupidest thing ever said by a human being in any language anywhere at any time throughout history.

We have to warn you that just reading this comment will cause your IQ to drop several points and it will be necessary for you to rescue your intellectual capabilities before they are permanently damaged so we will be providing several links at the end of this post that you should click on before your brain has too much of a chance to process what you are about to read. In fact, you may want to click on those links now and have the tabs open to get to that much faster so we'll put them here:

Link number 1 to restore your rational faculties

Link number 2 to reconnect you to reality

Link number 3 to remind you that the world has not been overrun by arrogantly ignorant, lumpy bags of protoplasmic effluent two steps short of sentience.

And link number 4 just to get the image of those words out of your visual cortex.

OK, now, if there are children in the room, please make sure they can't see the screen, or better yet send them off to read a book. Sit comfortably in your chair, loosen any clothing that might become constrictive in the event of a seizure and make sure there are no sharp implements nearby with which you might gouge out your eyes in a moment of panic.

Before we go on you should know this comment was made by representative Joe Barton and we are in no way making it up, or altering it in any manner. It comes to you just as it came out of his mouth.

Those of you familiar with Joe Barton will probably want to stop reading here as prolonged exposure to weapons grade idiocy can lead to chronic incredulity, memory loss, and reduced joie de vivre.

OK. Here we go:
"Wouldn't it be ironic if in the interest of global warming we mandated massive switches to [wind] energy, which is a finite resource, which slows the winds down, which causes the temperature to go up?...It's just something to think about."
May god have mercy on us all.


Anonymous said...

It's enough to already read crap from the Governor of Mississippi who, and quite proudly, drives a "big'ol SUV" and definitely adds that "we, Republicans", have got to stop going after the idea of "pure". Oh yeah .
(And he ain't kidding.)
Or to be racist, like Michele Bachmann , (and brain dead as well) and yet to ultimately, and emphatically, advertise you do not want HIV people coming to your country (even doctors) and God forbid, don't even think about giving US citizenship to these particular intellectuals, because the brain may actually get activated, but to get back to that Mississippi Governor (Haley Barbour) who just wants to keep dumbing down, and
You know, a picture says a thousand words and no matter what you want to say about the GOP, just take one good look at Haley Barbour.

Anonymous said...

"Use with Caution" is a pretty good theme for IM, particularly when the Jordinian double agent just blew himself up at CIA Headquarters in Khost.
What does it take for all governments, everywhere, to stop with the corruption, racism, and absolute tyranny against the poor and the helpless?
When Republicans have been known for exactly that ,
with all their senseless bombing and their lies to International Communities, is it any wonder we have a hotbed of hell, everywhere on earth.
And may we add, this guy came from Royalty.

Anonymous said...

We had all be very , very careful out there because "the Combination of Worlds" may never ever happen again, and we mean it.
It is so crucial and so apparent that it makes one truly wonder how and why governments think they can avoid the common people.
More than ever, the common people must be able to rule.
If a Physician from the Royal family understands this, how is it so impossible for brilliant representatives of various lands to not be able to reach the same conclusions, and very quickly?
Time is the key. And the time is now.

Anonymous said...

James Inhofe 's comment about terorrists being let go and massively in America by Obama is exactly the problem with the World that is run by idiots.

Terrorists are EVERYWHERE and it is because CORRUPTION is EVERYWHERE!



So, the next time some extreme right, inbred has the audacity to put the world up for sale by cheap, "unhinged" comments like this, since these Republicans believe in lethal injection, that is exactly what should be done to politicians who support mass murder, if not completely wiping out the World.

scripto said...

In Barton's defense, all resources are finite. I think he was referring to the ultimate heat death of the universe.

(Sorry if I have been a little lax in my commenting, I've been busy watching the Who Cares Bowl between a team from Texas and some junior college team from Wisconsin or Minnesota or Michigan or one of those places)

Ironicus Maximus said...

Actually, we don't think we did too badly considering the team we sent out there was comprised of the coaching staff, three players and a bunch of hitchhikers picked up on the way to San Antonio.

You're still going to be banned though, as soon as we can find the eject button.

Anonymous said...

Considering Bush closed out the United Nations with more "chatter" about terrorism and terrorists, etc and how we should all be promoting "freedom and democracy",and that's eight years from 9/11, did this guy ever get the message?
And, if that is the message he did get, what did the other 192 Nations get?

Anonymous said...

If you cannot even fix Health Care during the Bush administration when Edward Kennedy devoted a large part of his life to do it, while the Republicans did their very best to destroy the poor, here, is it any wonder there are hundreds of thousands of abandoned and brutalized Americans thinking America does not even care, in their own country?
Sensitivity is the name of survival in every Nation. And those that refuse to see and feel it, shall pay the hefty price far worse than just the American rich ignoring their terminally ill citizens.

Anonymous said...

"May God have mercy on us all."
Well, I certainly hope so.
Considering VP Cheney is so critical of the Obama administration and he knows how to play it....(in or out of his wheel chair)....wasn't he the same corrupt guy from Haliburton who played with the Saudis and dumped terrorists there for "terror rehab" and didn't at least two of these guys who were "into rehab" come back and bite us in the ass?
There were at least 530 and 74, I believe either got straight back into terror or continued to dabble in it.
That's called great leadership?
That's called understanding the problems?
Why not at all.
It's just called how to make it rich, and ripe for a complete and utter meltdown.

Anonymous said...

Cheney's latest rant on "war" is so typical of all these old and senile corrupt Republicans still wanting to milk the system.
When this "bum" as one journalist put it, goes on and on in about 18 sentences and for fourteen of them, `"war" was the subject, doesn't it sound just a bit flavored?
You know, with all those artificial colorings and chemicals and preservatives that Republicans are so good at making and devising and forcing down everybody's throats. (and making a bundle on)
Cheney is an ogre and a criminal and when he is formally tried as such and found "innocent" perhaps he has a "right" to speak.
Until then, a trial is what should be brewing, not another makeshift guerney for handicapped and and decapitated political parties spewing blood and violence and hate.
Obama has it absolutely correct.
He knows ALL Nations are facing the same as Americans because ALL Nations are guilty of not helping those we so easily kill.
Pope included.

Anonymous said...

Ratzinger the Rat...better known as Sir Holiness or even to some as Vicar and losing his grip on the Nuns for a reason.
Nuns in American Hospitals are demanding rights for all women, rich and poor, because without those rights, it's called inequality and with inequality, comes not only Terrorism with boys hating Mothers and Governments ignoring pleas for merely self-respect and survival of females, but a mind control that lays down contempt and perpetually, deep.
if we do not take women's suffering and roles in society seriously, whether here in America or India or Africa, only a horrible despising of this sex can occur.
Women make these babies.
Women want them healthy and well.
And if you do not answer this call, the brothers or sisters that survive, will only naturally, disrespect those that intentionally killed them.

scripto said...

That's right. I forgot about the little fracas they got into with the band. I hear a tuba player dropped one of the defensive linemen. Was the band shorthanded, too? Next year channel that aggression. Don't ban me, I hate Michigan worse. And Ohio State worst of all.

Seeing Eye Chick said...

Wow! Its Fuctard Monday. What a Moron! Clearly this is what happens when repeated generations of cousins copulate and reproduce.

Stop the Madness!
Stop it I say!

Ironicus Maximus said...

I hate Michigan worse.

Ah...Get out of jail free card, dude.

Anonymous said...

Well, now it's "Fuctard Tuesday" and just think how many more inbred cousins and fathers impregnating their own daughters , particularly in the South, have been made!
Sure. Of course!
Extreme right wing Republicans want you to "respect life" and any life coming from a racist. That way, maybe the Extreme Right will survive and Republicans, like Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld, hey, even Sanford, can copulate into the "Kingdom".
There is "Method in all their Madness".
And their screeches for "Pro-Life" is it.

Anonymous said...

Like Catholic priests FUCKTARDING little boys.
That's not "PRO-LIFE" because all those little boys that have been FUCKTARDED end up totally FUCKED.
(And many killed themselves from being FUCKTARDED.)
Now the "girls & women" that got FUCKTARDED by these Catholic priests, well, the Catholics who got it together, SUED.
Otherwise, they became recluses and paid with their lives, in GUILT.
If he has finally lost with all the Catholic Nuns, maybe the Catholic Nuns will finally have true love and understanding, and serve the poor and helpless, Worldwide, and FUCK the POPE!