Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Offered Without Comment

Those last two lines read: "His intellect and humor will make this a night to remember and share for years and years."


Anonymous said...

As in "intelligence"?

Anonymous said...

Night to remember?
We already have the "Nightmare Presidency" to remember.
His humor?
Like 20% of the 30,000 suicides in America per year are due to veterans unable to cope from all their war injuries be they physical, mental or emotional?
And, saving "the best" for the last because, to be fair, George Bush "at best" is a complete and utter moron.
His intellect?
Well, you are what you reap and he married another moron that supported all his extreme right "Christian" views, and all at the expense of men and women and their families, everywhere.
From STD, to the worst "epidemic" of teenage pregnancies in USA, not to menttion corruption multiplied by the billions.
Oh yeah . Bush is Texas.
And Texas needs "change".

Anonymous said...

Let's go after the "humor".
"Humor" as in "Yuk-Yuk-Yuk"?
We just destroyed America and all its credibility.
Oh boy.
It's beyond even discussion.
And "SNL" wouldn't even dare.

Anonymous said...

A night to remember?
Are you kidding me?
We already remember too much from this typically white , racist, uneducated, untravelled boor.
So many Republicans revel in all their ignorance be it GEORGE BUSH or SARAH PALIN.
They NEVER want to change.
Their brains are too comfortable being "idle".
And the easiest way to "explain " why this is "good" and "right" is to use "religion".
And this is preceisely the "reason" they justify being stagnant, and hence, unflexable.
They cannot function when either elasticity or cerebral negotiations for World Peace is on the table.
They "simply" relish "WAR!"
And you know why?
Because they are all just too dumb in all of their viciousness, narrow-mindedness, and indignant when asked to listen.
All these archaic and unsuitable tendencies "rule" the GOP. And, unfortunately, no-one in the GOP really cares.
Certainly not at this "night to remember".
The appetizers served up are merely meant to entice, without apology, "CHRISTIAN WARS."
And all, of course, for profit.

Seeing Eye Chick said...

I am still trying to forget the last 8 years.

This man makes me want to spend all my money on therapy and tequila.