Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Hound Blogging

A couple of weeks ago we told you about the outpouring of concern by the overlords at the Dairyland track in Wisconsin because of the alleged safety issues with the alleged track surface which had been alleged by the alleged track veterinarian. We say alleged because with no money coming in it's hard to tell who's doing what over there what with people leaving for jobs that raise their salary up to minimum wage and all. In their defense though, the situation of negative profit is fairly recent, so we're sure part of the problem is just learning to cope with unexpected levels of revenue.

Anyway, the problem has now been taken out of their hands, because the state of Wisconsin Division of Gaming has stepped in to provide expertise, guidance, and 10% off coupons good in the lounge Monday through Thursday.

Dan Subach, chief steward of the state Division of Gaming, said the division employee who is stationed at Dairyland full time is taking a thorough look at how winter weather is affecting the track surface and what methods the track is using to negate it. “I think we may be going deeper as we go into it,” Subach said. "Get it? 'Deeper?' 'Cause see, the coils are under the surface of the track so we'll have to dig down into the surface. I used to do stand up in Oconomowoc before I got this job."

“We would not put greyhounds on an unsafe racetrack,” said Bill Apgar, Dairyland general manager. “Our racetrack has been safe. It has been safe and it is safe. The fact that we keep shutting it down should in no way be construed to mean it's unsafe. It's just Bill the starter keeps getting drunk and passing out in his car and no one else knows how to turn on the electricity to the lure.”

Regarding the heating system, Subach said it is operating, though the division is looking to learn more about it. "We believe the system is working,” he said. "Of course we also believe that Elvis isn't dead, Bigfoot is real and Bush was a good president."

Yeah. That all fits with the profile, Mr. Subach. We especially like a comment on this story by alert reader Tax Me More:
A taxpayer paid state gaming employee is stationed at the dog track, while another taxpayer paid state veterinarian reports problems. Then and only then does the dog track stationed employee "begin" to take a look at the problems track officials deny exist!
Well, in their defense Mr. More, you don't become an employee of the dog exploitation industry because you're killing time until a seat opens at Harvard Med, right Kori?

She was a little timid at first but now is more and more outgoing everyday. She loves having lots of people and dogs around, and wants to get to know you when she’s ready—then she’s a real love. She follows her family’s male greyhound around the house everywhere he goes, and is a very quick learner when he shows her what to do. Kori is also very playful and is learning what fun dog toys can be now that she has some to play with. Even though she’s just getting used to living in her foster home, she is a pro on the stairs and is polite, clean and quiet in the house. Ideally, she would love a house with another dog, but would do well in a quiet home with plenty of time spent with people too. She would be good in a working family home with well-mannered children, 10 and up. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.

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Anonymous said...

We all sure hope Florida is the next "close-down" in the mighty world of "Greyhoundarama" many cripples, anti-socials, shy syndromes (better known as "fear factor"), not to mention the land of fractures...just take a look at Daytona. Well, for heaven's sake, take a look at them all!
I dare you to find ten without "issues" in a row...and I do mean, row after row after row!
The public relations guys must be as blind as some of the dogs begging for a life....and must be as impotent as the economy.
If they really do "love these dogs", they will stop the overbreeding; stop the tracks and finally, take responsibility to treat all these damaged dogs with damaged lives.
But they won't. Because they obviously do not love these dogs.