Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Hillary Clinton! Motto: She'd Be Driving a Truck. If She Had A Truck

Voting Day! Yay! Finally we put this bad boy to bed. Or maybe not. Boo! Look. We're as patriotic as the next guy, if the next guy is Karl Marx. And speaking of economics, let's see how Hillary's gas tax holiday plan is doing.

We'll give you a moment to recover from that segue.


Clinton is hoping to ride voter discontent about rising gas prices to victory Tuesday with her proposal for a summer gas-tax holiday, even though she is taking heat from economists who agree with Obama that it’s a "gimmick" that would give little relief to drivers while diverting money from road repair. "Hey, ignoring experts worked for George Bush," said one campaign aide. "Why shouldn't the Senator have her turn?"

Pressed during an interview to name a single economist who supported her plan, Clinton said, "I’m not going to put in my lot with economists." She dismissed critics of her plan as "elites" and said she knew the needs of working people. "You know those people who go to elite colleges and get all educated and stuff?" said the Wellesley alum and Yale Law School graduate. "Well, they don't know nuttin' about nuttin'. Now watch me do this shot."

"Who understands what you’re going through?" she asked the crowd at Indiana Tech. "People drive a lot of long distances in Indiana. I’ve driven a lot of long distances in Indiana. Of course my gas bill is paid by yokels like you who contribute to my campaign, but that's not my point."

Clinton’s highest-ranking supporter here, Senator Evan Bayh, tried to lower expectations, telling the Sun-Times that Clinton started way behind rival Barack Obama. "He has outspent her 2-1, and he has won every other state that borders Illinois. I think it’s very close. It could go either way. She's definitely going to have to bump up her boilermaker consumption if she wants to win this one."

Later, Hillary belched the national anthem at a rally in Elkhart, Indiana.

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